Affordable buffet on-the-go: Yuuka Buffet, Berlin

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Hey girl!

From back to back nature parks to back to back buffet. On my last blog, I shared about Zhou's Five Buffet, which is a little bit of special and pricey. But today, let's talk about this Yuuka Buffet which I will describe as a practical and affordable buffet. It is located in Oranienburger Tor which is 2 Stations U-Bahn away from our Deutsch class. So, I invited my colleagues after class to try this buffet just to indulge for our hard work from school and at work.  This time, it will be my second time to visit this buffet and I can't complain because they have enough to offer for only 9 euros. Anyway, we went here for lunch. I think the price for dinner buffet was around 12 euros which I don't know if they have the same dishes with the ones at lunch time. 9 euros is just about half the price for the dinner buffet on Zhou's Five (but I can say it goes with the number of dishes and variety).

Ready to indulge in Asian food. We are hungry, but first PHOTO. Haha!

Pudding in different colors and crackers for dessert

The soup was so-so. Maybe because the taste was totally different for what I preferred.

Thank you, next. I got corn, I guess.

Everything fried plus 3 different sauces

When you are looking for sushi, then you are right to be here. Let's try them all! I was totally full for trying all the variety. It was rice over rice. 

Every dish mends my food homesick away. Ente was worth a try.

SEE the first photo (cover photo) for the details of dishes
The buffet was 9 euros exclusive of drinks. They are a little bit strict on any drinks you have from the outside. So, you better order drinks from them which costs at least 2 euros and up. Overall, I can say when I just want to indulge and just plain eat than I am satisfied and full with this buffet. The ambiance was good. They have many customers as well, especially on lunchtime when we had our buffet. Can definitely come back, when home food sickness is there.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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