Night at East-Side Gallery, Berlin

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hey girl!

One of the distinct thing I noted about Berlin is its street art. Every wall was almost all over painted with creative ideas and unique arts. When I usually saw unique painted walls in public places like this, my thoughts lead to vandalism. But here, it was part of the culture, arts, and self-expression. 

The murals are called East Side Gallery. A public gallery that also served as a memorial. It is located in Berlin Friedrichshain. It is said to be the longest open gallery in the world with 1,315 meters, 101 paintings painted directly on the walls. (source:

It serves as a memorial in the Fall of Berlin Wall. It was originated on Feb-Sept 1990 and was refurbished Feb to Sept. 2009. As I interpreted the arts, I saw the taste of being free, freedom, how it is like to be reunited and says also about critical issues about the place we lived in. The wall was part of the Berlin Wall, which before separating the east and west side of Berlin. Now, it became a centerpiece for freedom of arts that keeps the people coming to see the artistic arts together.

We went here as a side trip and I was happy to see the murals even at night. These walls were lighted in the dark and you are sure to experience and see creativity at nighttime. There are over a hundred paintings/murals and I just couldn't take a photo of them all, but here are some that caught my attention.

One of the most popular mural in East Side Gallery: Dmitri Vrubel’s Fraternal Kiss 

These were just so fascinating to see. What is your favorite among all of them?

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