Nurse in Germany: How was it 6 months after..

Thursday, January 31, 2019

It's been half a year since I came here in Germany. And true, time was really so fast. I have finished my Deutsch class, waiting for my result, been out and about exploring EU, struggling with the language and interaction with new people, adulting, and keeping up with the world. I don't know how long will this transition period lasts. To tell you honestly, I think I am still on my getting-myself-into it period. Though, I am doing well. I have no background of working overseas before and it was my first time to be away for too long to my family and again, I am doing well. Maybe because my personality can easily adapt to any environment too well. Or maybe I have a lucky clover with me that helped me cope through struggles and adjustments I have to face by myself. 

Now on my 6-month, I wanted to share some things that helped me push through. This is not a guideline or whatsoever. Everyone has unique ways to cope with different situations. These are just based on my personal experiences. 

Be at Home. I know there was no place like home where there are our family and loved ones.  We cannot change that. There is always a place where we can say, here I totally belong. Well, same feelings here. But what I have learned in the long run, was to plant roots wherever I go. I don't create something temporary because where I am in today is my life I live. And even if I have other plans in the future, that doesn't change the fact that I am living as I am today. Create permanent memories and not temporary ones. Don't let a day passed by, by just getting throughout the day. Live the day and make it as you wanted. Maintain a place and surroundings where you will feel at home. It does not mean you will not get homesick often, but at least you have a good foundation to cry and share your laughter at the same time.  

Art of fitting in. When you go to a place where there are so many differences from where you came from, it is where culture shock begins. But if you dig deep and be observant of how they live it, you'll get a deeper understanding of why they do certain things, you are not used of doing. It is not about changing your grounds, it is about adapting to the present situation. When you can never find your all-time favorite 'tender juicy hotdog', why not try their 'Wurst'. Maybe you will like it, maybe you won't. Don't let self-boundaries hinder your growth, but at the same time stay to who you are. 

Let go of toxic people. The last thing you have to think about is other people who are draining you at the moment. You already have a lot of baggage to carry after leaving your home country and you don't need people who drag you down. Keep your circles positive and motivated. Keep cheering everyone up, you don't know when you need it yourself. The crab mentality is so contagious that when you know it is around the corner, you drop it as soon as possible. You are in a time when you need more encouragement than critics in your life. 

Find a hobby that you love.  Writing my thoughts became my hobby at the same time my outlet to my feelings. Find yours, it may be biking, jogging around or playing an instrument, etc. It releases tension and can help lightens stress. It should be something that you are really interested in and can do it without any effort (or forcing yourself to do it). It is something that you wanted to do willingly not because you just wanted to release your stress, but because you love doing it in the first place and the releasing of tension and happy hormones will follow. 

Explore new things. Try new things. Maybe you have dreams or aspirations you think, you wanted to do someday. Maybe that someday is today and you wanted to pursue things you've never done before. Then, do it. Try things you've never tried before. Is it worth it? I don't know. Only you can say it once you have tried it. Travelling, discovering new places are on my checklist. Cooking new dishes and playing a new instrument is there too. What are yours?

That is some that are on my survival list this last 6 months. The language? It is something I know I will learn through time and exposure to it that I am not in a hurry in learning it. Workplace? It is something personal that everyone deals differently. You can be in the same work environment but respond differently. Dealing with it is something you will not learn to anybody, but yourself. Workmates? For me, it is just the same on how you deal generally with people. You established yourself and you present it to others. You don't need to create a new persona for every situation. That's it for today! Maybe I have something new interesting to share with you next time.

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Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee, RN

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  1. God bless po sa journey. Nabasa ko po yung sa IELTS journey niyo po sobra po palang hirap. Ewan ko po una IELTS po ang unang choice ko pero Gods guidance nadin po siguro nag German language po ako at eto God is good napasa naman po although di nga lang kataasan basta B2 matututo nmn po siguro ng language pag andyan na talaga. Waiting na din po ako hopefully this yr nandyan na. Sorry po naexcite lang ako dami ko po sinasabi😂. God bless po😊