One Summer in Botanischer Garten und Museum

Friday, January 18, 2019

Hey girl!

Quick Update: Because of my pending blog logs since Summer, I would like to tell you more about what happened last summer in Berlin. The series of posts that I will be doing are stories from some places I have visited since I came here in Germany. That I didn't realize when I came here in Deutschland, I was welcomed with good summer weather and lots of opportunities on beautiful public places they have here. And now it is winter time here, I am stuck at home thinking summer was over (which I am not used to). Maybe it is a perfect time to share and write again.

Back to the story of the day: We went for a field trip with my Deutsch course classmates in Botanischer Garten (botanical garden). From Friedrichstraße Bahnhof (train station), you just have to take S1 heading to Wannsee and get off the Botanischer Garten station (10 stops). From the station, you can walk your way to the garden. It is roughly 10 minutes walk, I think. Because we were students, we payed only around 1 to 3 euros . The regular price wasn´t bad at 6 euros. So, all were good and worth to see especially when you are into nature, plants and walking around parks.

Here is the map of the entire garden

Make sure your feet are ready to walk. It required a lot of walking to see different parts of the garden with different plants to see. For example, we went from American section to Asian section, where we found some plants and trees that we usually see on other parts of the world. I can relate to some plants that I saw in Asian section and was happy to see familiar plants. I am not actually into plants, but I love nature and living creatures in between, so the experience for me was relaxing at the same time amazing to see.

There were also options where you are tired of walking long distances around the forest or what they called ´garden´. You can sit under the gazebo (we found one hidden somewhere inside the forest) or in a cafe. Yes, there is a cafeteria too inside the garden. and that is near the museum. 

It is usually a place for field trip for kids as educational tour. Well, I couldn't agree more. When the weather is not so good, you can also just stay inside the museum. They featured a lot of plants and a mini forest. It was worth to check too.

Inside the museum

I found something interesting. Looks very familiar! A rice plant. These were the time I missed to eat rice too much. By the way, back to the museum, there were many plant species to learn and to find out.

The view from the outside of the indoor garden.
 On of the most interesting I saw was this giant water lilies. Isn´t it amazing to look at these giant beautiful water lilies. It is called ´Victoria cruziana´. Based on what I have read in the garden, it was said to be discovered by European naturalists and the genus was named after Queen Victoria. There were photos that these giant lilies with 2 meters long leaf can hold up to 100 kg.

If you look closely, every leaf was connected and hold by tougher stems deep in the water. I am really fascinated!

Inside the little man-made forest, there was a man-made waterfall too. Hey, coy fishes!
It was definitely a fun-filled and good learning activity for schoolers. It was also perfect for family day out. We went there on the last month of summer season, that is why some flowers were already falling out. This is a perfect activity day idea this coming summer.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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