White Christmas in Tivoli Gardens Theme Park, Copenhagen Denmark + Vlog

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Hey girl!

It was our first out of the country together with the gang. One friend told me, one of her dreams was to visit Tivoli. It was an amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a perfect time because I am actually planning to go to Denmark to visit my relatives. And I told her, why not visit Tivoli.  She has already been to Denmark once before for a day tour, but that time she has no time to visit the theme park. This time, a bucket list checked for my friend and a fun-filled day for every one of us.

Since it was Winter at the same time Christmas time during our visit, it was decorated as Winter Wonderland theme. I can say, it was like our EK in PH. It was a very popular amusement park in Denmark. It was originally a garden park with restaurants, a concert venue until it expanded with exciting rides.

You can avail multi-ride ticket + entrance fee or just admission fee and later buy tickets for the specific ride of choice. Well, we opt to pay for only the entrance fee, which costs 120dkk (17 euros) which is not a good idea because the big rides cost around 90dkk each (12.8 euros). And if you are taking 3 rides or more, you better buy the multi-ride plus, which is the unlimited ride plus entrance. It costs around 360dkk (51 euros). By the way, they accept euros in the counter.

We were totally astonished by all-white surroundings. White Christmas, indeed! It was not really so much snowing yet by this time. They just decorated the trees with artificial snow. But it was definitely freezing cold.

Enjoying the Winter-feel vibes

We went all day walking. It was a big garden amusement park. There are some parts that we have not really explored yet, but hopefully, we will come back again here soon to enjoy all the rides and to experience it fully!

I've seen on their website that they change their theme everytime the season changes or if there is a special occasion. The real Winter is already here and I can't imagine, what do they offer here by this time.

We only tried one ride which is the Star Flyer. The overview of the city was fascinating to see in aerial view. Only that, the wind was so cold from way up there! You can check my vlog for the videos and dramas during the trip. :)

Check out my vlog for all the happenings in our trip to Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park.

  Where is your next trip with your friends?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

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Princess Mikee

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