City of Love: Paris, France + Vlog

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hey girl!

Last week, I spent Valentine's with the gang in Paris. Well, I can say that this city was one of my dream destinations just like many others. It was the perfect timing to spend the love month in what they called 'The City of Love'. To tell you straight from the start of this post, I am a bit disappointed with what I expected this dream city would be. At least, the Eiffel tower was there. I am relieved. Yes, it was indeed a beautiful city with that extra hype (beautiful faces, fashion week, sophisticatedly- styled). Maybe the tourism makes it overcrowded that it shaded the real crisp of prettiness I dreamed it to be. or maybe I expect so much from it that it doesn't exceed my dream destination expectations level. I'm sorry.


When you want to transport at ease in Paris better to get that 3-day or 5-day unlimited transport in every public transport in Paris. It will save you money, especially with the really confusing system when you are not used to it. Unlike other EU countries in train stations in Paris, you can't pass the railings (entrance or exit), if you don't have a ticket. If you have a single journey ticket, and you swipe it twice. It will be unusable even if you have not really moved a station. Be careful in entering the right route in train stations because if you got it wrong, you swipe at the entry and then exit to it. Viola! The ticket was consumed. You can't use it on the other entry way in the same station you are in.

We mainly used the train stations. We thought it was efficient than taking the bus. I don't know but I think the traffic in Paris is also a little bit of a problem. Maybe because there are a lot of visitors/tourists in and out of the city. To my disappointment, the train failed twice. First, it took us too long *an hour or so* just to reach 3 stations. It stopped often. I don't know exactly what happened, but clearly, there was a problem. The second time was, the train stopped one station before our destination and did not push through *with another unclear reason*. So, we don't have a choice but to walk to 15-20 minutes just to reach our destination. At this point, I now appreciate the superb transport system here in Berlin. 

By the way, our flight from Berlin to Paris took only 1 hour 30 minutes. 


I suggest first of all the free walking tour. Here at least you can learn something about the whatnots in the city. Not only you will enjoy those famous sceneries but also know some background history.

Check the day and nightlife in Paris. We sure don't want to miss how it looks like the Eiffel tower at daylight and night. You will get a different experience.


Since we are first timers, we focused our trip in exploring the city center. We visited some of the most famous sights in Paris all from the surface. We weren't ready to dig in unless we had an overview of the city. One special place we went on our trip was the Chateau de Versailles. True, you have to experience it at least once. Just like many palaces that I went already, it showcased the place where royalties lived.


I must say, a meal in a typical cafe in Paris was expensive. If you wanted to budget your money, check alternatives. But if you want to blow out a food crawl, then ready to spend your euros. Approximately 15-20 euros per meal or more.


Expect a lot of tourists. You know, it is Paris. Only Louvre itself has millions of visitors per day. Be mindful of your belongings and valuable because there are also a lot of pickpockets and scams in the city. Merchandises, kiosks, souvenir shops were also in every corner of the city. Find the right shop that is budget-friendly. Don't buy quickly unless you check the other stores.

If you want to experience the city, talk a walk around and explore it. There you will see places that are unexpectedly beautiful than some famous sights. Or you will see Eiffel Tower from different perspectives that were also another worth to see.


There is still more to see in Paris, maybe enter the inside of Louvre and check Mona Lisa (if she is doing fine), climb up the Eiffel, climb up the Tour Montparnasse to see Paris the best panoramic view in Paris and Disneyland (of course!)

Here is the vlog of the first part of our Paris trip (Night in Paris edition)

Here is the walking tour vlog in Paris

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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