Buffet on a budget: Restaurant Xin Fu in Denmark

Saturday, March 02, 2019


How are you doing? Hello March! Oh mein. Ich habe nicht gedacht. Wir sind schon fast fertig in der erste viertel dieses Jahr.  Das ist spontan! Sorry, mein Deutsch ist noch im Arbeit. 

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like also writing in Deutsch and I think it helped me to improve my language. Well, today it is not about 'Sprache' (language lesson) but about food! Yes, another buffet for my tummy. Maybe next time how to burn this food that I am eating in buffets. Haha! It is safe to say that Chinese food was just all around Europe. When we say Asian cuisine in Europe, the first one in mind of many people was Chinesische food. I am getting used to it. It eases at least my food sickness of Filipino food. 

It was located in Holte Denmark and was near my auntie's place so we eat out to celebrate my uncle's birthday. It was an affordable buffet compare to other restaurants around the area. We went here on a Saturday night with a reservation. It was almost full. Wow! Weekend hits. A buffet costs around 149KRR (approx. 1.043  PHP pesos) on Mon-Thurs and 159KRR (approx: 1,113 PHP pesos) on Fri-Weekends. It was almost the same as the price on some buffets in PH. In Europe, it was obviously cheap and practical. 

I am greeted by this super cute lucky figurine cat. #catlovers

Just like any other buffet, drinks are not included in the buffet. Order your own drinks. If you cannot slurp in all the food you eat, then stop. That's how it works. Kidding! I prefer not to drink more if I want to eat more.


Checking the reviews from the previous visitors before visiting the restaurant, I actually don't expect much with the buffet. It was the normal go-to buffet I already knew. But I was pretty impressed that they offered much more than I expected at an affordable price. 

Let's start with the soups to warm up the stomach. I tried both and between the two Peking soup was better. The other one was more on bland and fresh. 

The asparagus wrapped in bacon was heaven! Others were also loved. Not greasy.

Everything was so savory as it looks. I don't mind breaking the rule of compatibility just to try them all. Lol. Now, I understand why there were always so many people here. Good, affordable food indeed!

There is also kitchen staff to help you grill what you want. Overflowing! This time I have to decide carefully because I am too full to handle. Salmon is a good idea.

Slow down by eating making your own salad. Not my thing on a buffet. Haha!

How do you like sushi? Me, sometimes I like, sometimes I don't. They have sushi here too. The last time I ate sushi. I wasn't a fan, but their sushi here was also good. I had a piece of every variety they have.

Complete your final meal with sweets and varieties of fruits. Ice cream, pancakes, tiramisu, and fruits. I can't ask for more.

Seal the deal with hot cappuccino and whip cream.

I was satisfied and full. I can't ask for more with the varieties. This should be how the basic affordable buffet looks like. With its price, it was worth it. There are other buffet competitors with the same price but with fewer varieties. That's why I went to buffets for varieties, you know! With this one, it was really sulit! I have seen some Filipinos eating here also, but we have no chance to great each other. I hope they don't find me suplada. Haha.

FUN FACT: It was always nice to bump in with kababayans overseas. You just feel instant belongingness.

That's it for today. Happy weekend!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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