Restaurant Nin Hao: Unlimited Hotpot

Sunday, April 14, 2019


Weekend. I don't know the difference anymore. It feels like time flies too fast for me, honestly. There's so much going on at the same time and it was overwhelming. I should slow down and sit down a bit to reflect and share some of the past happenings. 

But first, FOOD. I always say this 'I am definitely not a foodie'. That is true. But I am here to share and experience the food of different kinds. Today, was perfect timing for erratic weather here in Berlin. I thought it will be better as the days go by but April 'fooled' me. Last week was okay, then suddenly this week was cold. At last next week will be fine again. Okay! Back to what I wanted to say, I am talking about soup day for today. When we went here, it was also a perfect cold weather day to sip a bowl of soup for warm up. 

We just wanted to have soup and searched for a restaurant near us that offers hotpot. Hotpot was a method of cooking wherein you have soup stock and you fill it up according to your liking of the variety of foodstuffs (vegetables, meat, seafood, seasonings) Chinese style. 

Beef bone soup (L)/Beef bone soup with coco milk and red curry (R)

Restaurant Nin Hao offered a Hotpot for 2 people at 16.50 euros/per person. You got a choice of 3 soup stocks namely: Beef bone soup with coco milk and red curry, Tomato soup, and Beef soup. We got beef soup and the other was mildly spiced with curry and coconut milk. Tell them how you want your soup will be, mild spicy or not because it can be really spicy for your liking. We got there a little bit late at night so it wasn't that crowded and there were only two tables occupied besides us. We were actually the last people in to close the resto and they were so nice not to hurry us up eating although it was past their closing time.

Buffet-style. You get your desired ingredients at the table to top-up your soups. Ingredients were all unlimited for consumption, but the restocking of soup stock wasn't. You do it freestyle if you want to make it all seafood, vegetables or mixed. Here are what they offer: 

We were kind of stuff with all these ingredients. We were undecided how will our soup turned out so we got as much as ingredients as we can and decide on the table how our soup will be. Haha. We were hungry, you know.

If you are into seafood then definitely seafood style soup will be a good choice for you with these choices. There was also a chicken on the side.

Sauces and Spices. Dip to it as you wanted. 

We are ready to cook! Wait, what comes first? Definitely not the noodles. Pour in the ingredients until it is cooked. Turn your stove to low-medium heat when it's done because you don't want your stock to drain. Some restos offered refills of soup stocks, but here I don't know because they didn't refill our stock or maybe we have to ask for it. Not sure. 

Side dish everyone.

Here you go, our soups. I find it a little bit expensive, but it is worth to try. The variety of ingredients were good enough to satisfy what we wanted. The ambiance was good and staffs were very considerate and friendly. Overall, we enjoyed our soup on this cold night.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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