Glossybox August 2019: The Birthday Edition

Friday, August 09, 2019

Hey girl!

It´s Glossy´s 8th Birthday! It was my first birthday with Glossy and I am happy to celebrate with them by keeping up with new beauty product discoveries. Glossy was my first ever beauty box here in Deutschland and although the competition from other beauty boxes gets tougher. Still, Glossybox was one of the most popular and trusted when it comes to beauty boxes. Well, can´t blame 8 years of curating beauty. Let us celebrate with them with some of the exclusive products inside this month´s birthday edition. 

I would like to mention. Literally, special boxes from Glossy were all on top. I was impressed by how they give time to design and make the box so beautiful.

Body Yogurt by Body Shop (British Rose)
Cost: 10 Euro/200ml

Oh lovely scent. I got the British Rose and I can´t help but just using it again and again. Moisturisation wasn´t on top but the scent was.

 Peach Blossom Blush by STYLondon
Cost: 18,00 Euro/ 5g

This one was also an exclusive for this birthday edition. Perfect match for the exclusive blush brush. I haven't actually unpacked it yet, but it was a mineral blush powder infused with Vitamin E and Hyaluronsäure. I remembered my Nichido mineral powder on this. By the way, I think the shade was a universal blush powder that is suitable for daily or outside activities. 

Rouge Pinsel (Blush Brush) by Luvia Cosmetics
Cost: 10.90 Euro/pc

Getting make-up brush from all my subscription boxes was worth it. This was a limited one for the glossies. It was thin but looks really chic. We´ll pair this up with the exclusive Glossy blush.

Biore Aktivkohle 1 Minute Thermomaske
Cost: 4,99 Euro/ 4pcs in 7g each

The easiest way to mask up and thoroughly clean the face. This was one of the favorites of many glossies and I couldn´t agree more. I enjoyed the warm mud mask which not only really effectively clean and refreshes the face but also relaxes me. 1-Minute and you are done girl!

White Now Infinite Shine by Signal 
Cost: 2,99 Euro/75ml

I haven´t tried it before but this one was a new formula and was intrigued how they promote it to have an immediate whitening effect. Upon use, no significant whitening effect. My mouth was really refreshed as always upon brushing. But no immediate whitening effect notice. The packaging fits though with the box lovely theme. Let´s see how it was in the next days.

My Goodie!

How do you like the Birthday Edition of Glossybox?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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