Lookfantastic box July 2019: The Hydration Edition

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Hey girl!

Lookfantastic box never fails to introduce me to different skincare brands. To tell you honestly, if I could just choose one by this time and end my beauty box subscription into just 1 box. This will definitely be the Lookfantastic box. This time they curated something to boost the moisture on the skin. The heatwave makes the skin drier. Even you think you oil enough these sunny days,  I bet you still need the hydration for the skin. Because the more hydrated your skin is, the less oil it will produce. 

Hydra-Balance Day Cream by Elemis
Cost: £19.10

For combination to normal skin, here is my current day cream. It says to have Meadowsweet extract to regulate oil production. Good! I like the scent of this cream too.

Gold eye Pads by Vitamasques
Cost: £5.99

This one was perfect for a queen. It was made with real Gold extract good for brightening and firming the surrounding skin in the eyes. The eye patch itself looks good too with some gold-designed stripes.

Revive Body Gel by Aromatheraphy Associates
Cost: £12

Another goodness addition to the bath essentials. It was totally refreshing and soothing to the skin. Infused with essential oils like Rosemary and Juniper every bath was relaxing indeed.

On-the-go Hydro Cleanser by GLOV
Cost: £11.90

An interesting product here in this month's box was this cleansing glove. It wasn't like the ordinary washcloth we know, it has micro technology *like okay wow! with star-shaped fibres up to 30 times thinner than cotton pads. The idea was, it removes dirt like a magnet. Upon use, it was so soft but when you start to gently rub it to your face,  you feel like it sticks like a magnet to catch up the dirt. Impressive. 

Fat Eye Stick (Gilt) by Eyeko
Cost: £12

I got the shade Gilt which is a glittery mossy green. I am not into so much with eye colors at the moment, but this one was wearable and easy to use. Just put it like eyeliner and blend it on the lid for a diffused look. 

Illuminating Micellar Water
Net wt: 200ml
Cost: £11 Euro

My favorite product in the box. I use it as a cleanser and a little bit of a make-up remover as well. It was really gentle on the skin but works well in removing dirt or make-up. Love it!

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