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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The last time I write was when I was 6 months old here in Germany and now another 8 months have passed. Whew! I am now 1 year and 2 months old here living in Germany, living the EU life I've always been dreaming of. In this post, I will talk about some facts and changes (good changes) I have discovered myself living independently here in Europe.  

This will be a personal post and will be a little bit longer. So if you have more time to read, then carry along.

 If you have read my previous post Nurse in Germany: 6 months after this is just the sequel of it. But this time, I am not giving out suggestions or recommendations in coping up with life living here in Germany. This post will be fully about some testimonials gathered through experiences. How do I start?

The last time I checked 8 months ago, I told you in my post I was doing well and my 'coping up' is working out as well. I even write about some things to improve the coping up process. The independence and freedom I both got living here in Germany gave a good toll on me. At this moment, I learned to know myself more and challenge myself for improvement. Little did I know, the next 8 months after I've written the 1st half of my year, will be more life-changing. I used to always say that I love to write my thoughts, well that is true, whenever I start to write, my fingers keep writing and my mind keeps on telling. I don't know where this post will go, but let me tell you first one thing. Our journeys wherever we are, are so unique that we could write our own book with it. And it is worth to share to inspire someone or somebody who is at the moment taking the same path we are in. One time or another we cross paths with people who will change our life or teach us life and then we separate ways without guarantee of meeting halfway again. The main point is we have our own lives to live and we get lessons and inspirations with the people we passed by. Why I am so deep?

Let us try a little bit simple in the next stanza. After the long wait, I passed the B2 examination here in Germany. But that doesn't mean I already can really speak straight German in B2 level. Barok padin ang Deutsch ni Inday. But at least, one burden was out in my heart. Then, came the 'Pflege Schule' - school for nurses. Learning the same concept again in another language caught up my interest, not the topics itself. Lol. It is like getting the two sides of stories and you feel like you know better because you know the one side. But then, you realized they have it on a different perspective and you start to doubt yourself and what you already knew. The point here is the foundations are the same but the main focus was different. It is not just a story told in a different language but also in a different perspective relating to their culture and social system. Deep parin ba?

Next, passing the B2 exam and the Annerkenung Process - which I will not be specifically tackling here in blog because there were different Annerkenung process based on the state you are in. It will only lead to confusion if you hear it differently to many people. Your duty is to know it once you are here and better ask. I thought after passing every exam I have to go through, it will be the end of the never-ending proving myself to them. Feel niyo rin ba yun? The next big thing after all this stuff is getting back to your reality. What do I want to do with my life? What is next for me? That enters the Adulting 101. I am passed my mid 20's but still not on the edge of getting 30. The hacks of curating your life are not easily found on the Internet, you have to figure out this for yourself. The next point will be to start finding your own purpose. I wanted to emphasize that this purpose you are looking for is not from the people around you, but within you. It is in your core. What can you share to the world? How can you inspire others? There is always something specific about us that others need to know or have to experience or get to learn. You have it in you, unleash it. 

Lastly, when you don't know how to start it, then you probably also don't know how to end it. Lol. In my last paragraph, I wanted to share what I learned how to gain confidence in yourself and to radiate it to other people. Even I became more confident about myself right now, I still can't hide that I was once a super shy girl - who makes it all but doesn't talk about it. That is why maybe I got my interest in writing. Here, I don't need to talk, but just to write my mind. One step to gain confidence is to be vulnerable. You have to be vulnerable first before you gain strength. That translates to not knowing it first, until you knew it and you are a step better. You gain it, not have it. Another thing is to go out there and meet new people. The more new people you meet, the more points you gain. Not only it will boost your confidence but also practice your social skills and communication. Last, last na talaga  to! Improve yourself. You can't be confident without having something you are confident about. Do it as a favor for yourself and you will see how some other good things follow. 

Well, that's it! I miss writing. Really. This doesn't actually summarize the life and in between that I've gone through here for the past year. But will try to share something I could whenever my fingers touch the keyboard. Let's catch up again maybe after my 1 and a half year or a little bit earlier?

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Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee, RN

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