Pink box December 2019: Party, party, party

Friday, December 27, 2019

Hey girl!

Just in time for New Year. I think Pinkbox curated this December box for the brand new year. Here is a kickstart to celebrate the year with a bomb! Let's see what's inside!

Silver Mascara by Evoeye
Net wt: 3ml
Cost: 7.50 Euro

I think this will be a preparation for the New Year's celeb. How about a fancy glittery mascara? You know how I love mascaras! This is just perfect for the occasion. Sssh, I tried this last Christmas and it doesn't disappoint. Not the bombshell glitter I expected but just enough pretty glitter. Wink!

2in1 Contouring and Bronzer Powder 01 Light Medium by Sante NaturKosmetik
Net wt: 9g
Cost: 8.29 Euro

I kept getting bronzers these days and palettes for contouring and funny that these winter season I haven't been using any bronzer on my face. Maybe I'll save it for spring or better yet in summer. 

Lash Couture Naked Drama Collection by Kiss
Cost: 8.99 Euro/pc

Oh, if there will be a bomb during the New Year was when I will be using these falsies. It was a vavavoom type that will definitely make a highlight.

Original Lipbalm New Year's Edition by Labello
Net wt: 4.8g
Cost: 1.99 Euro

I like the customized lip balms for New Year! I'm sure I'd be bringing this on my New year's trip.

Dry shampoo Damage by Batiste
Net wt: 200ml
Cost: 3.99 Euro

I am actually not used to using dry shampoo until I tried them. I smell of this variant was really good and makes the hair smooth and fresh.

Nail Laquer by Teeez
Cost: 13.00 Euro/pc

If you will ask me, if there is a beauty thing that I will pass, it will definitely be nail polish. In this year, I could barely count in my 1 hand how many times I put nail polish on. Since, I will be a having a short week vacation for the holidays. I will paint my nails then for the last time this year!

Pink Ice by Söhnlein
Net wt: 0.2l
Cost: 0.99 Euro

What I like most with Pinkbox is that they also put some random item that makes the box more lively and exciting from food to drinks. I haven't open mine yet but this will be real good. Cheers!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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