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Saturday, March 21, 2020


I find Salzburg a peaceful place to stay for a short vacay. It has a province vibe to it and full of nature. Fresh air, greens, and surrounding mountains are some of the things that meet the basic relaxing short staycation. Not to mention (but I will still) that it was a birthplace of one of the greatest composer, Mozart. That was a shame not to recognize him when visiting his birth city. After that, I started to hear some of his masterpieces and I am left in awe, knowing his music was something I could hear for the rest of my life. 

I went there in the Autumn time, it was mixed with rainy and chilly weather. The museum of Dom Quartier gave me an amazing dry place to see and get to know more about Salzburg. It is one of the UNESCO Heritage sites. I am totally a museum-goer in the sense that I want to see in flesh some of the things time could only tell. Works and pieces remained with a number of stories to tell only if they could. I am personally not so much in history, but it was nice to know some facts you could only remember the moment you are there. Plus, I am a fan of old architectural buildings. 

Panorama Museum
Panorama Museum. Aside from the Panorama itself, there is nothing so much interesting to see in the museum. But having the Salzburg card will give you entrance to the museum so why miss the beautiful panorama of Salzburg way back the other timeline. I can't help to say, Salzburg was a small but totally beautiful city.

I was not totally a fan of the shopping area but walking through the Getreidegasse was a delight. It was like seeing the stores synchronized like music and you will recognize them only by label.

Rain doesn't stop us from exploring this lovely city. Even on a rainy day, you cannot deny its beauty. We went up the hill called Festungsberg there erected the Hohensalzburg Fortress which is one the largest medieval castle in Europe. I think I said it before I am into castles and every old historical building. I admire them too much. Inside the castle was Marionette museum, which is basically a puppet museum and I admit was a little bit scary but still child-friendly. Puppet itself was not that charming, to be honest, and seeing them was something, not a happy entertainment for me but a freaky show. 

By the way, we went up the hill with the funicular, a cable operated mountain rail train is one of a kind experience.

The view inside the funicular
One more interesting story going back to Mozart and its classical pieces. I visited the Festival Halls. There are a specific time for tour guide so better plan before going because you cannot go inside without the guided tour. The tour guide speaks well English and German language and what I found really fascinating during the tour is that he explains everything well in English and then after that, he will explain in German languange. Well yeah, let us say he's been doing this already for a while and he should have memorized his entire tour piece but hey respect! I can imagine myself when I try to switch real quick from German languange then suddenly English. I'm out of words! Back to the story, I haven't been to an opera or theatre here in Europe before, so seeing something like this was really interesting. We walked around different theatre halls. One was called Large Festival Hall which is a venue of every amazing performance. At that time of the tour, we were actually offered if someone could willingly perform on stage. Oh, man! If I have already mastered my piano pieces that time, as a newbie it would be so much of an honour to play there! Maybe I'll return back? Hoping with the same special offer the tour guide offered us the last time. If there is a large hall, there is also a small festival hall which is now called House for Mozart as a respect for its 250th Birthday last 2006 which can accommodate 1,580 audiences. One special hall is called the summer riding school which was converted into theatre. It was indeed a riding school and the area still smells horses as the last event was few days ago before our tour. It has few new features like a roll-back roof (for an open-air experience during good weather conditions), a rollback seating area to expand space of the stage and some more.  

The Large Festival Hall

A boat ride is also something you could try in Salzburg. It wasn't the best experience though. I've been to a lot better boat ride. It is part of the perks of having a Salzburg card it is free so why not try, but we added voluntarily approx. 3 euros to upgrade our boat seat from standard to the deck for finer sightseeing and it was a better experience until the motor of the boat starts to smell like burning. They quick to offer us good drinks to ease the hassle during the ride anyway. 

One miss I would have loved to visit was the Stiegl Brauwelt. We tried to go there twice but we both missed the time slots for the brewery tour. I am not an avid beer drinker but it would be nice to see how they do it here. This private brewery was Austria's biggest (as of writing). I am there for the beer so I just got myself my own beers to drink in their restaurant at the end of the day. Prost!

One of the world's beautiful and old cemetery was situated in St. Peter's Abbey, Cemetery and Catacombs. I couldn't agree more. Look how the gravestones here were anesthetically arranged with some Gothic touch. Afterlife could still be beautiful huh? I've heard this setting is also famous because of the Hollywood film 'The Sound of Music' which I personally haven't watch as of writing. But now I am contemplating to watch it anytime soon.

Another worth to mention was the Salzburg Card. If you are asking if it is worth it, a big YES! I am a total thrifty traveller and plan almost every budget on my travels as I travel for an experience not for expense. I highly recommend getting it because it was totally worth every penny. We got 48 hours. You could check out the Salzburg site on how to get one and check all the free admission sites using the card.

That was the Salzburg experience! There are more places to explore on the next visit like the Hellbrunn Palace, Salzburg Zoo, Open Air Museum, Stiegl Brewery once again, Festival Hall with performance once again?, Sound of Music World, Hangar 7 and Eagles Nest (Germany side)

You could also check out my Salzburg, Austria vlog!

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