Lookfantastic box July 2020: Sunkissed Edition

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Hey girl!

We are now in the second half of the year and yes, I can't deny that the situation makes this year a little faster than usual as I feel it. There's nothing so much going on as planned but at least I still have my beauty boxes and online deliveries to look forward to. Lol! Finally, after moving into my new place (for already a more than a couple of months), my LF box was finally delivered to the right, the new address for the first time. Thanks to the helpful and quick customer care of LF. Salute! Let's dig into the box. 

Regenerating Night Cream by Madara
Cost: £17
Net wt: 25ml

Here is my favourite among the products I received this month. This one works wonders. After applying this cream before going to sleep, I noticed my skin looked really plumped. And at morning when I wake up, my face looks radiant and hydrated. I didn't why this tiny tube cost the most in this month's LF box. It worked!

Beauty Sleep by MyVitamins
Cost: £7.50/ 30 capsules

I tried the chewy gummy as hair vitamins before and now it was my first to try this beauty vitamin for beauty sleep. It has the combination of vitamins needed for relaxation and beauty boost. The capsule itself tastes like it's plant-based. This surely adds up to the glow.

Morning expert Hyaluronic serum by Thisworks
Cost: £12.33
Net wt: 10ml

I've been using this for just a week now and I can see the plump and radiance it brought to my skin. My skin looks well-hydrated and healthy. This is just another serum I gladly integrate with my morning routine. With the combination of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, what can I ask for?

Matte Me by Sleek in shade Bittersweet
Cost: £4.99
Net wt: 6ml

It is a perfect matte lippie. I have tried this variant before and I am always impressed. It is soft and creamy to apply with a matte finish. Good that it is also non-drying to the lips. Thankfully, the shade was wearable too. 

Rose and Lemon Enriched Body cream by Monuspa
Cost: £16.65
Net wt: 100ml

I am not a fan of lemon-scented creams but the combination with rose makes it pleasant. It helped nourish the dry areas of my skin. Well, I can't deny it the combi scent gives me a spa-feeling moment. 

Blush Brush by So Eco
Cost: £7.50

I am grateful to add this eco-friendly blush brush to my variety of lovely brushes. I can't complain, it is sturdy and soft to the skin. 

That's pretty much it. I love the choices of products inside which is more like glowing in morning and night skincare products, but I don't think it fits well with its theme Sunkissed for this month. With Sunkissed theme, I am thinking about summer products like sun lotions, bronzers, tan creams, etc. Still, the choices of products were impressive, it doesn't just fit in with the theme.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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