Pinkbox October 2020: Boho Beauty

Monday, October 19, 2020

Hey girl!

Raise your hands October babies, it is our birthday month. Despite the shift from sunny to rainy and gloomy weather, we will still make this month delightful. Good thing about monthly subscription boxes, it adds up to your gifts for yourself. So aside from unboxing the gifts we received this month, I am happy to unbox this month's Pinkbox. Let us see the gifts that we have.

The theme was Boho beauty. Ragged but chic. Perfect theme for usual music festivals held this season but since we are quarantining (did I spell it right?) at home, no festivals but still we could rock the boho look. 

Waver by Invisibobble
Worth: 3.95 Euro/pack

This bobby clips were different from our usual metal pins. They called it invisibobble, like invisible bobbies. It is made with light, durable, flexible material which clips softly on hair. It is in a wavy form so it will not be stuck on the hair. My only concern for these was its ability to grip if it falls off easily or not. Nonetheless, it was definitely another cute idea to come up to this bobble clips.

Sleep Repair Mask by Mudmasky
Net wt: 15ml
Worth: UVP 19 Euro

I am not new using this brand, I've used gloriously their aftermask serum before and I am totally into it. I noticed that it becomes more common now to have this sleeping mask that you put overnight and wash the morning after. It is not the conventional mask that we put and wait until some time and remove after. Although putting an actual mask on, I still find it fancy and I would love to do once in a while, But, having this sleeping mask in serum form that you put before going to sleep is a lot practical for me, I should say. 

Pure Pigments Eyeshadow by Paese
Worth: UVP 16 Euro/pc

If this glittery thing is part of their boho theme, then I am in. This glittery pigmented mineral eyeshadow gives an instant pop to the eyes. I got the shade Tera Rosa which is more likely looks like rose gold. After blending, it just gives a subtle glitter look that is totally wearable. This could pass to a new years theme too.

For the sweetest cookie in the jar by nju x xLaeta
Net wt: 250ml
Worth: 3,95 Euro

I find this product weird but intriguing. Oh yes, this is what I signed up here for: to discover new and interesting products to try in the market. This is a cookie shampoo. What? Wait, I just took a bath and I am now trying to dry my hair. Even if I want to try it badly, I don't want to soak for another round again in the shower. It is cold, you know! Oh well, cookie in the jar shampoo, I hope you don't disappoint with your sweetness.

UPDATE: Tried it, it is definitely a cookie shampoo, it smells like you want to eat it but you can't. It is not bad though, but it makes me want to have cookies every time I use it. Lol.

Mineral Water with Citrus fruit and rosemary extract by Volvic Essence

The last product was flavoured water from Volvit. And it says that I was chosen as one of the testers of their new product in the market. I'm glad I had the rosemary and citrus flavoured. Other varieties were apple and lemon, mint and cucumber, and orange and elderflower. They got me right for being the tester, since I love drinking water. It is also important that you drink in between even if you are not thirsty. I usually love plain mineral water, but these days I find it refreshing to put fresh mint on my water which gives a cool, refreshing effect when you drink. Same as this Volvic mineral water, it is good that they added just the right amount of hint in the water and not make it actually flavoured, which is for me not appealing. This bottled water was a good mix to make drinking water refreshing.

In this month theme, I don't really feel the Boho vibe into this. It feels like some random products were just put together. And without the tester product, I think one product was missing on my box (which is included in the list). Overall, I got 4 products and 1 tester product. I don't know if they purposely put one product out because of the tester product they add on my box. By the way, my favourite in this month's box would be the sleeping nourishing serum for sure. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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