30 life lessons I learned before '30s

Friday, October 08, 2021

This was originally posted on the 2nd of October as part of my 30 before '30s series on Facebook. I guess it will also be worth sharing with you guys. By the way, it's been almost a year since I last posted here and this is a good comeback to catch up on me.

Just a week from now, I will be officially in my 30's. As I am sitting here on my nightshift doing (so far) nothing, I was inspired to write spontaneously the 30 lessons I learned before the '30s. I think it will be a good idea to linger on it since I have not written these past months anything so interesting. I hope my brain cells would be working well with this after my second cup of coffee. So let's start! In no particular order.

1. Give yourself time. Don't rush on things.

Some situations need more time to uncover. You wait for your chance and strike your best card whenever you get it. You think of what you want, plan it and wait for your turn. 

2. Living solo (independently).

It taught me a lot wisely. The sense of freedom and the courage it gives to do it and survived by yourself willingly. It surprisingly did a good toll on me striving mentally and physically.

3. Take a risk for once. 

I know, it is a win-or-lose situation but the thing is, if it worked, then it will change entirely your ball game. If not, you have no regrets about not giving it a try. Risk on something you believed in. The chance of hurting after failure is high, but you also gain deep lessons inside that no one can take away from you.

4. Love yourself. 

Take care of yourself, pamper yourself. Give time for yourself. It is a good thing to think of good things for others but make sure you also spoil yourself. Investing in yourself is always worth it.

5. Live the life you are.

There are so many inspiring people we look up to and sometimes we unconsciously mirror the life of someone else's. I learned to be inspired by people but do it my own way, how I am and who I am.

6. Smile more.

It adds up to the vibe. I've been into situations wherein giving a positive vibe is the only thing I could contribute. But it always works! Even without saying a thing, smiling and giving a positive vibe makes other people around comfortable. It doesn't cost anything to give out smiles each time.

7. Don't be afraid to love. 

Young love, wherein doing silly things and getting caught into your emotion. You don't do it every time but you are not afraid of not doing it also. You give yourself a chance to learn it by exp. or by the people around you.

8. Travel while you can. 

I've read it so many times in articles before and I can't agree more. The younger your physical body is, the better. It's shouldn't always be like YOLO. You of course do it with your means but as long as an opportunity to explore comes, you don't miss to grab the adventure while you can and are able to do so. I'm glad I started to do it in my mid 20's.

9. Don't be afraid to grow individually. 

Sometimes you outgrow people and you are afraid to step forward for yourself. Do it for your own good. There will be times that you have to stand up for yourself and move further alone.

10. Don't lose yourself growing up. 

Pertaining to #9 you still keep yourself grounded and turn back, smile and be thankful to the people you've met on the way moving forward.

11. Don't be afraid of losing people.

Sure you have the power in numbers as they say. But at the end of the day, it's not about the numbers that you gain but the lesson you learned from situations you got in. As I have said earlier, you will meet so many people in your life but you don't have to carry them all along with you. What you carry are the learnings you had with them along the way.

12. Find a career that either sustains you or makes you happy. 

Spend time on something that is beneficial to you or do you good. You know you'll be spending half of your entire life doing it. You want it to be something personally meaningful to you.

13. Read books.

Aside from the everyday hustle of the world, where we were molded by our own experiences, there are still so much you could learn from other people exp. Be inspired by people.

14. Write or have your own platform. 

There's so much about you that you didn't know. Not only you will learn from people but also you can inspire them. It doesn't have to be writing but you can have your own platform on how you do it.


Writing the 30 lessons made me realized I did so much good in 3 decades of my life so far and I am so proud of myself. 

16. Practice good habits.

These habits that you created your own will become your lifestyle. Make sure you benefit from it in a good way.

17. You live in the moment.

I'm guilty of thinking always ahead of me not knowing I am not fully enjoying what is in front of me. I've learned to live in the present and linger on the moments. The last thing you know, your present now will be your past tomorrow. You decide to take it now or miss it.

18. Enjoy simple things in life.

Go for walks, inhale the fresh air, cook your fave meal, watching TV with your family, go out with friends. Don't take simple things for granted. Enjoy bits of it.

19. Enhance your social skill.

It boosts up your confidence in a way. You don't have to be the center of attention every time but enhancing your communication skills will take you places.

20. Learn from failures.

You don't want to repeat a failure over and over again. You eventually will learn from it and take your weakness to your advantage.

21. Be grateful.

Every day is a brand new day. We could always start or end on something. Don't linger on what pulls you down. There is always something to be grateful for.

22. Focus on your inner happiness.

Your own happiness doesn't depend on anybody else. Only you have the ability to switch your own cards, so handle it with care.

23. Give your best try. 

Even if it is not enough. You heard it right. It will not always perfectly turned out as you planned it to be but you're sure to be proud of yourself that you gave it your best shot.

24. Lend a helping hand.

Don't hesitate to help if you can. Everyone is busy on their own battles and you don't know how much it means to the people you extend your hand to.

25. Don't be afraid to fail. 

Even if it feels, it was the end. There is always a way to start all over again.

26. Manage your own way of thinking. 

Sometimes it is just your mindset on how you take things, whether it's good or bad. It is true that it depends on the way we react or perceive things, if we take it negatively, constructively, or as an opportunity. You have the ability to turn it around.

27. Take care of your loved ones. 

You take your time and spend it with the people important to your heart until you can. Let them feel how important they are to you.

28. Conquer your fear. 

There are fears that we could overcome, that's true. Fear is a natural defense to protect ourselves from the things that will probably hurt us, but don't let it overtake us and stop us from growing.

29. Have faith. 

You have to believe in something. It starts there.

30. You know that even you've learned so much in your 30's, you are still learning and will be able to learn more. It doesn't stop and you don't stop learning.

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