Hayan Almoner Bag

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hayan Almoner Bag

Cost: 700.00 pesos
Inclusive: (1) Almoner Bag
   (8) pc Brush set
   (4) Facial Mask
   (1) BB Cream 50ml
   (1) Lotion 300ml
   (1) Skin Toner and Essence 100ml
Made in Korea
Place bought: Hayan stall SM Sta Rosa

Hey Girl!

I just want to share this new found products from a new found stall at SM Sta Rosa. I was actually going to national book store to buy some stuff and eventually pass by a stall named Hayan Cosmetics (found in front of national book store) it picks my attention instantly because I know that it is just a newly opened stall. So, I take a look at their products everything was expensive looking. Then, I have seen this cosmetic bag full of products and a brush set. At first, I thought it is just for a display and the saleslady told me "Maam 700.00 pesos lang po yang set" and started talking about other "sets". So I was, WOW! 700.00 for everything? Including the brushes? (At the back of my mind, I know that its a great deal but I still need some research on the product brand). When I got home,I researched right away some reviews of the product. I learned that it was really a new brand they just started last year (2012) in the Philippines. There were only few reviews yet because everyone was just discovering the new products, there were also few who reviews the almoner bag and everyone was saying it's a good deal. So, my excitement was getting bigger. I told myself I should get that Almoner Bag!

Next time I visited SM Sta Rosa I firsthand go to the Hayan stall and wishing the Almoner Bag will still be available. And now, I finally have it!

The Almoner bag has 2 compartments each has two sides. It was actually bigger than I thought. It was just a perfect make-up bag for me that I can actually carry when I travel. The bag itself is sturdy and well made. It looks pretty and expensive. You can purchase the bag alone at 500.00 pesos (if I'm not mistaken that was the saleslady told me).

This is the first compartment with the BB Cream, Facial Masks and the Brush Set.

This is the second compartment with the Lotion and Skin toner+Essence.

All the products I've got! (I will just make a different blog for a closer look and review)

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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