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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Facts you want to know about hair rebonding

Hey Girl!

I may not be an expert to talk about this but my experience about Hair rebonding makes me know some facts about it. If you want to know my Hair Story click here.

1. Rebonding isn't affordable. Even the cheapest salon will cost you almost a thousand pesos (here in the Philippines). It depends on the length and thickness of your hair on how much it will cost you or sometimes they have "any length" promo excluding/including the treatment but beware on the rebonding that costs so low because there were a lot of imitation nowadays of the rebonding products they are using that's why go to your trusted salon. It can make your hair at your best or worse. You don't want the risks.

2. The result may vary depending on your hair type. Naturally straight hair have a high tendency of good result than a curly/wavy.kinky hair but it still all depends on the rebonding products used.

3. Coloring your hair after rebonding isn't highly recommended because you are already exposing your hair to chemicals that can actually damage your hair more chemical exposure can further damage your hair causing dry,frizzy and hair fall out. Colored hair isn't good for rebonding as much as possible go with your natural hair before rebonding same thing chemically treated hair plus another chemical treatment can make your hair worse and can cause brittleness.

4. You shouldn't wash your hair after rebonding. I do it 3 days after so the chemicals will have time to settle into hair and can make a more straighter results especially for those who have real curly/wavy/kinky hair.

5. Choose the right comb. You might want to find a good comb if you undergone rebonding process. The hair is delicate as it is chemically treated so the tendency will be hair falls especially when wet so you should use a wide tooth comb when wet and a fine one when dry. But you shouldn't comb your hair often just as needed.

6. Keep it straight all the time. When I say that, I mean don't tie your hair that is a big NO-NO! or even style it except straight and straight only as much as possible especially when it is just few days after being rebonded. You don't even tuck it on the ear as it creates a shape. Even at sleep, I let my hair stay up so it will still be straight when I got up. Big work! :)

7. Treat your hair. Once in a while have a treatment at the salon. It can either be keratin/cellophane/protein/reborn or other treatment that keep your hair healthy and well moisturized.

8. Use conditioner. Rebonded hair can make your hair really dry/frizzy so use conditioner and let it stay on your hair for a few minutes so your hair will be smooth and bouncy.

9. Love your hair.You risks your natural hair and expose it to chemicals that makes it more vulnerable to damages that is why rebonded hair needs your extra care.

10. Eat healthy. This is a rule everyone can break but choosing the right foods will make your hair healthy without even have a treatment monthly. Not just your hair will be happy but also your whole body.

Rebonding Process (based on my experience)

1. The first thing they put on your hair was the rebonding product. Products may vary depending on the salon use, but take time to ask the hair stylist what product they put on your hair so when it doesn't work the first time you cannot go wrong the next time. The product will stay on your hair at least 30 mins (based on my exerience) but still it will depend on the product use and what your hair needed. (Some products I knew Extenso and Sofia)

2. Next thing is they rinse your hair. And after that you are blow dried so you will be ready on the next step.

3. Ironing. It is the longest time for me because my hair is wavy and thick. It is the hardest part for my stylist. It may take an hour or more depending on your hair.

4. Treatment. After ironing, they put the treatment on your hair or maybe I heard of the "neutralizer" but as for me it is the treatment they put immediately on my hair.

5. Wait for a few minutes or at least 30 minutes and Rinse again.

6. Your done. They will blow dried it and TADA. You have that STRAIGHT HAIR.

It took me almost 4 hours in total to get my hair done. How about you? Have you tried hair rebonding? What are your experiences? Share it with me.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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