June-October Inspirations

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hey Girl!

It is a compilation of the inspirations I loved since I started this beautiful journey and I  wanted to share it every month but for now this is everything and most loved inspirations from make-up,nails and hair since the month of June up to October.


1. Cat-Inspired Eye Make-Up

This is actually my very first time to try out doing my own eye make-up that is why this is memorable plus it was inspired by the color of my cat's newly born kitties. I know it was not pretty good especially the eyelining skills but I really love the colors I used here it blends well. It looks mellow dramatic.

2. Lonely Butterfly

It's soft and bold. I was really afraid to use purple/violet eyeshadow on my eye make-up especially I wore it on a daylight. For me, it's out of my box and but still I gave it a try. Oh, and I also add a little pink shimmer on my lips.

3. Romantic Glow

I was surprised how pretty this eye make-up have become. When I did this I was actually trying out my shimmery eye pencils and the gold one really does an amazing job in brightening/opening up my eyes. The peppery pink lippy adds a romantic effect of the whole look. Lastly, it was also my first time to wear falsies.

4. Smokey Weekend

Hello smokey eyes! I heard it compliments all the eyes. Every girl should try smokey eye make-up. I hope I did it right. Am I right? haha! Oh well, whatever it is I called it smokey eyes. Its a beautiful weekend indeed.


Before I got my hair rebonded, I really was engaged in doing my hair. I tried a lot of styles also because my hair was really need to be tamed and properly groomed everytime unless you won't mind that fly aways and frizzy unmanageable hair (Oh well, I mind!). The did the styling on my own hair and on my model's hair.

1. Classic Pin up Look

Beautiful and  classic updo if you want your hair up elegantly without ponytails. You just need a hairpin and a creative hands.

2. Mermaid Braids

I really wanted to do it on my hair but I my hair fail to catch the hair length requirements of this pretty mermaid braids so I just did it to my cousin. I was unique and lovely something new to spice up your summer.

3. Twisted Half-up,Half-down

This hairstyle is simply chic. Romantically twisted hair perfect for a date or just going out with family and friends. Easy to do 5-minute pretty hairstyle for girls who is always on the go.


1. Glaze Gingerbread 

Brown is my all time favorite color when it comes to nails so it will be just my comfort zone to wear any shades of brown like this one. Glaze Gingerbread has a certain shimmer that makes me love it even more.

2. 24K Gold Frosted

Romantic rose gold color that make you fall in love with your nails a lot more. No more hesitations just simply romantic and beautiful.

3. Touch of Tan

Finally I got to find some nude color for my nails. It was wearable and can be paired to anything. It can be simple,chic,elegant,dramatic and everything else. I so love this Touch of Tan it perfectly suits to my nails.

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Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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