The Art of Falsies

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Art of Falsies

Hey Girl!

The eyes is the windows of our face and we wanted to make it gorgeous,alive,sexy and noticeable. Market had given us products that can instantly change our look and attitude into a Va Va boom and this is false eyelashes.

There were variety of falsies available with different designs,textures and quality. Some were expensive while others were not. The thing is you really don't have to buy expensive false eyelashes to achieve the look you wanted because some of it were disposable after use anyway and if you were planning to re-use it you have to handle it with care. Inexpensive eyelashes doesn't mean of not good quality there were a lot available local and online to choose from with different attitude and styles.

Next thing, if you would buy a false eyelashes you wouldn't forget to buy a eyelash glue/eyelash adhesive. It is a must (if you know what I mean. haha!). Okay the secret is: little is enough that tiny glue you already have is just enough for your long time use. I personally use Nichido Eyelash Adhesive for the longest time. (oh well, I don't often put falsies on a daily basis) but if you come to realize  it is really easy to put falsies everytime you just have to choose the ones that are most natural falsies for your eyelashes and also the ones that are comfortable wearing.

Eyelash crimper/grip. Curl your natural eyelash together with the falsies to align them naturally.

Then, put some coats of mascara although you don't need much you have to put some to blend well your natural eyelashes to your dear falsies.

The eyeliner is also important and essential this is to hide the line in/between the eyelids and the falsies to make it more look natural.

Lastly, Do that beautiful eyes. Yes, because your eyes were beautiful than you think. And say hello to your gorgeously,sexy eyes.

How to put your false eyelashes

Step 1. Get your false eyelashes.
Step 2. Put on the eyelash glue/adhesive.
Step 3. Wait for 45 seconds to a minute for the glue to partially dry.
Step 4. Align your falsies on the eyelids closest to your natural eyelashes. Put onto the inner/outer eyelids first before the middle one this is to easily adjust the false eyelashes into the length of your eyelids.
Step 5. Wait for it to dry completely. Try to close-open the eyes to check if it is already secured into your eyes.
Step 6. Put some coats of mascara to blend well the falsies to your natural eyelashes.
Step 7. Line your eyes with your eyeliner.

Tip I learned: It is easier and most convenient to put false eyelashes if you cut it in three parts rather than putting it whole.

Another important thing, removing your false eyelashes properly must also be learned as essential as knowing how to place your falsies in a right way. You need to know that if you are just pulling it off directly from your eyelids it can cause premature aging of the skin around your eyes plus it can actually pull off some of your precious eyelashes that is hard to grow.

Step 1. Put some oil/makeup remover gently on your lash line using cotton tip applicator or cotton balls
Step 2. Let it stay for a moment until it loosen up the glue
Step 3. Gently peel off the falsies. This time it will easily be remove without pressure.

Caring of the Falsies
If you wanted too re-use your gorgeous false eyelashes you want to handle it with much love and care as much as you love having beautiful eyes.

Step 4. After pulling off your falsies. Spray some or soak to a make up remover for a while until it loosen the mascara and glue.
Step 5. Brush gently and remove excess glue by tweezers.
Step 6. Put it in a clean towel/tissue and let it air dry.
Step 7. Place it in a small box/make up container for safety storage

And now we can make our false eyelashes lasts longer.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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