A little bit of Contouring

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hey Girl!

I like it when contouring makes your make-up looks well done by lifting cheekbones,defining jawline,emphasizing the eyes and other face structures. There are variety of contouring you can do depending on face shapes but there is a basic contouring we can do for your everyday make-up. So, this is just a peek on a little contouring I tried for myself (yeah,just a little!hihi) for me to try my new purchase bronzer powder. I don't have a contouring brush (but I promise to purchased soon) and use just the regular powder brush and bigger eyeshadow brush for the nose and eyes. 

First up here, it looks a wacky picture but there I was trying to contour my cheekbones. If you are not sure where to contour your cheeks try this technique. Do the fish face haha! it looks funny but it works.

The jaw and the forehead. It is for the mere purpose of getting an almond shape face for round face people ( I really don't know if I needed this for my face type, what is my face type btw whatcha think? Because sometimes when I look at it it looks round and sometimes oblong. Help me please?). I am not sure for what I did in the forehead part but on the jaw line I am satisfied.

Then the nose, I actually want to learn contouring because of the nose part. There are a lot of videos in youtube that details on how to fake a nose job which refers to contouring of the nose and makes it look just a little taller but most of people who does it actually got taller nose already and the purpose of contouring is just to define nose bridge and makes it look thinner. Whatever it is, I will still go for this nose contouring.

The eyes. In fairness to contouring of the eyes, it makes your eyes deeper and your eyelids wider.

Lastly, highlighting. It is really important when you contour. It is to define what you just contoured. I used my lightest concealer in cream to highlight since my purchased bronzer doesn't comes with highlighter but there are bronzer and highlighter you can purchased all in one. 

And the results! Tada~haha. It should be just enough because you don't want having harsh lines on your face that looks bothering and btw,it is just for your daily make-up.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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