CATLovers: Attention vs Sweetness

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dearest CATLovers,

Do you experience when you were busy and seriously doing something and suddenly your cat/kitten jumps off to whatever you are doing and you felt like your cat/kitten just bothering you? Yes, it is because he/she want to get your attention, your full attention actually. Your cat/kitten may want to play with you and maybe curious of the things you are doing. They do it on me while I was on the computer and suddenly jumps off the keyboard or standing in front of the monitor where I can't see what I am doing anymore and I will just stop and get him/him then my kitten will go back and forth wiping his soft fur gently on me, and many other happenings like that. Another one was captured on this picture, while I was busy doing something for my beauty blog and there he is,jumps off me and start wiping his soft fur. He wants my attention on him and doesn't want to go off me until I play with him. This is actually somewhat disturbing if you got something needed to do asap. But still as a catlover, you can't always resist this moments and this does not happen everyday. Your cat/kitten also knew and observed what you are doing that sometimes they feel you don't have time to play with him/her that's why they sometimes interrupt us. This is for me a sweet act of cats/kittens because most of the time they are busy of their cat business things and we can only get their attention when we start playing with them and now they are making the move why ignore them,right?

Do you find your cat/kitten in this situation  too? Kindly share your experience with me. :)

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee 

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