I'm a Dove girl and I love it!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey Girl!

Recently, I've been using this Dove Repair therapy Hitzeschutz that my aunt had given me including in her Balikbayan box she just sent us few months ago. I knew it was conditioner because of its consistency and texture. I've never tried Dove shampoo or conditioner before because I got my fav. conditioner and always shifts shampoos (but I've tried the Dove soap of course! It is very moisturizing). Until I ran out of my fav conditioner and used this Dove repair therapy and it works amazingly in my hair. Then I remembered the famous line from one of the Dove commercial "I'm a Dove girl and I love it!" and yes I love it! Of course, it did not take me just one use before I can say I love it. It is in fact I am almost running out of the only bottle we had. I tried to find it at Watsons and Supermarkets but I am just seeing  this Dove damage therapy with varieties to choose for Hair fall,intense repair and others that I don't remember anymore which I will also try because Dove conditioner gives me a good start impression. I've seen many other blogs talking about Dove may it be conditioner or shampoo and they say the same: it makes their hair real soft and healthy up to the tips. As I've researched, the "HITZESCHUTZ" is actually heat protection so this is basically A Dove Repair Therapy Heat Protection Conditioner which is why I liked it even more because heat can be too drying for the hair. I hope to find it in the market that sells here in the Philippines but I do not know if it is possible or maybe the last resort will be for me to request for my aunt for another bottle  but that I'm sure will take a long time.

 Yeah, it doesn't straightened my hair and smells super lovely for me unlike my fav conditioner but it makes my hair smooth and feels healthier and this Dove will now be part of my conditioning routine. I don't usually shift conditioner because some conditioners seems to be just the same but this Dove is what I need for boost moisture for my super dry hair plus added smoothness and softness.

I am just purely having fun with this shoot. I look waaaay lighter here,maybe the lights and flashes! But yea,just a girl in her own little world. I took this shoot after drying using this Dove Repair therapy that I'm talking about. I did not use any products even shampoo that day, only Dove. After totally drying hair (no using of heat tools just air dry naturally) there it is my Dove Hair!

How about you? What is your Dove Hair story?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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