Beautiful Things Vol.3

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Heya February! It's Love Month. We should start this month with the things we love. I always love things that makes me happy,happier and happiest. ;)) I will start to feature beautiful things which I bought or given to me that makes me instantly happy may it be small or big, cheap or expensive anything under the shiny sun and bright moon in the sky. Enjoy!
Hey Girl!

Lately, I've been visiting Japan Homes Center (Daiso) more often because I am loving their wide variety of affordable products for as low as 22,33,66 and 88. This beautiful things vol 3 will be featuring interesting things I found in Japan Homes.

1. Jewel Lunchbox. - P 88.00
I was about to change my lunch box (yes! I always bring food at work) and suddenly saw this attractive lunch box. I really love things that has royalty feel into it like the jewel thing in this lunch box plus it is the only lunch box there with that design. Pretty unique!

2. Cosmetic Sponges. P 66.00
As make-up enthusiast like me, I knew the importance of changing sponges that I use on my make-up. That is why this disposable sponges are useful for me. Not just 1 but 12 only for 66!

3. Iphone charger holder. P 88.00
It is originally intended to hold Iphone but I actually bought it for my Ipod (since I don't have an Iphone). I just like my Ipod to got its holder something like this even if it is not charging. At least, it is is double purpose for me.

4. Jewel door hanger. P 66.00
This pretty jewel holder can hold up things from hangered clothes,bags,coats and just practically just anything you can hang because it is stable enough as it is placed in the door. I am looking for the hook type where I can hang random things but I am just seeing these hooks with sticky double sided tape at the back which I thought not stable enough and can be useless overtime. So when I saw this, I was a curious about it placing to the door, it was a clever idea though. I was also concerned if it would fit in our door and yes it fits perfectly in a standard door. Not just pretty but multi-purpose.

5. Clip in Hair extensions and Bangs. P88.00/each
I never bought something like this before because I never realize its purpose. I bought the Bangs first before the hair extensions just to have fun and why not? I really like the Bangs even my mom liked it when she saw me wearing it. Then, I bought the hair extensions on my next visit. the hair is smooth and shiny like the real ones. It blends well in the hair (except the color! it is dark brown) and you can't dye it. This is perfect of you got that same hair color and straight hair The full review and how I used it is here:  How to: Fake a bangs using clip-in hair extensions

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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