Clip-in Bangs and Hair extensions

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Clip-in Bangs and Hair extensions
Cost: P 88.00/each
Place bought: Japan Home Centre

Hey Girl!

As promised in my Beautiful Things Vol 3, here is the full review of clip-in bangs and hair extensions I bought from Japan Homes Center. It is my first time to buy something like this and I realized it is really fun to make your short hair longer or getting a bangs instantly. It is a must-have to every beauty enthusiast because to achieve a new look it includes your crown of glory. It is a part of our hair accessory just like our pins,elastics and headbands. But of course, we wanted to find a good quality extensions that suits our hair because we don't want it to look like a fake (though it really is!). We wanted it to be almost the same and blend to our original hair. 

 So, here it is the clip-in extensions I got from Japan homes. The hair quality is smooth and soft that can be easily brush. I thought at first it is really made from a real hair (well I don't know much about extensions and wig until I researched) but I was wrong when I tried to curl it, it becomes so stiff made me think like it is really synthetic. Oh well, it is cheaper than any other clip-in extensions I saw in the market that's why. But of course, if you just really need a just for fun/quick inexpensive extension for added length and volume you can always go with this one it is not bad at all (except for a fact that you can't style it) just leave as it is and you're good to go.  The color of the bangs and the hair extensions is in dark brown so it will be noticeable if you've got jet black hair like mine especially the bangs. Unless, you dyed your hair same color as this because the wig can't be dyed I don't know why but I already tried it hoping it will blend perfectly well in my hair but to my disappointment, after rinsing and drying it is the same color of the wig.

It has this clip in thing just like other extensions for easy use and this has also a net pad for stabilized bangs.

This is what it looks like when close and pinned to your hair
Yes, it will clip horizontally on your hair
Open and ready for clipping in the hair!

This is what the hair clip extensions clip looks like.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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