How to: Fake a bangs using clip-in hair extensions

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hey Girl!

First up is the clip-in bangs. This is the one I purchased first, I thought it would be fun to get a bangs without taking the risks of cutting my hair. I used to get bangs when I was a kid, curly bangs actually haha! because I have naturally curly hair. It looks cute way back then but as I grew older it looks so messy and unmanagable plus the frizz I battled in my teenage years and never had tried bangs again. So, when I saw this bangs I was excited to have one just for fun of seeing what I look like with the bangs again. When I unwrapped the clip-in bangs and compare it with my hair color it is different which I didn't noticed when I bought it because in a wrapper and maybe in the lightnings of the store it looks black but the real color is more likely medium brown which still looks so different in my hair because my hair is jet black. I am kinda disappointed at first but yeah I will still fit this just for fun. I even tried to dye it black so it will perfectly blend with my hair but it still doesn't work. After I rinse off the dye and dry, the clip-in bangs it is still the same color. It seems that the dye has no effect at all. So for the trial here it is. First, part your hair evenly in the middle then you have to put on hair clips on both sides so the hair in front wouldn't mix with the bangs. Now, put on the clip-in bangs estimating the length depending on the perfect length you need. Clip in place and brush it to get its perfect shape. You're awesomely done!

Step 1: Part your hair evenly half.
Step 2: Clip in your hair pin to both sides of you hair
Step 3: Open the clip in bangs
Step 4: Place the bangs and adjust the length depending on your need.
Step 5: Clip the bangs into your hair.

Fix a little. Brush it to blend well with your hair. It still looks fake because of the color plus it's shinier than my actual hair.

Tadah! So here it is! Me with the bangs!

Next stop is the clip in hair extensions. It is almost the same length with my hair so it wouldn't add length on me but just to add a little extra volume on my hair. It is the same color with the clip-in bangs but this one is easily blendable with the rest of the hair unlike the bangs because it stands alone in your forehead making it look more different. So, clip in your hair up in front on both sides so you will establish hair that will hide the clip of your extensions later on. Now, clip the hair extensions on both sides just like in the photo below then release the hair you first clip in and now you are ready to blend it with your hair. Brush, brush, brush and it seems like nothing is there. This extension is perfect for added length and volume but the con is that it is too stiff to curl so might as well just leave it like that. By the way, it is also available in curly hair extensions this one is for straight hair purposes only.

Step 1: Clip a little amount of hair in front.
Step 2: Ready your hair extensions
Step 3: Clip in the hair extensions under the clipped hair.
Step 4: Take off the hair you first clipped in
Step 5: Repeat steps 2-5.

Here is the with and without hair extensions photo. You can see it adds volume on my hair. It is easy to hide and blend with the actual hair. Barely not noticable (except in the photo because of its shiny strand it reflects in the flash of the camera.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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