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Thursday, March 13, 2014

ME using San San HD products!
San San HD two-way cake in Natural
San San HD Concealer in Natural
San San HD Lipstick in Nude Brown
Hey Girl!

Last quarter of 2013, San San released a new product line called San San HD. It comes in an elegantly shiny violet packaging in contrast with their originally blue one. It provides improved yet still affordable products from San San including liquid foundation, two-way cake,concealer and lipstick.

As a patronizer of their products, I can say the packaging improves a lot. The San San HD two way cake has a wide mirror effect and rectangular shape inclined horizontally while the San San HD lipstick is as same as before except it is in a shiny metallic violet color. The San San HD concealer was made so much better because of the pen brush type and the San San HD liquid foundation was even better with the pump tube.

On the actual product, the San San HD two way cake, though I like the packaging a lot, I wasn't satisfied with coverage of the powder. It is much more like powder finish unlike the original one that has more effective coverage. The San San HD concealer is my favorite. It is really effective in hiding my spots and blemishes plus it can be easily applied using that pen brush type. Next, the San San HD lipstick was made creamier that is not too matte nor glossy which I also like. Last, the San San HD liquid foundation which I haven't tried yet because I personally don't want liquid foundations as it makes my face looks more oily.

Good to think San San renovate their products once in a while as their products gets better than ever. Nonetheless, heads up for San San for making quality affordable products on hand for us Filipinas.

My review here:
San San HD two way cake            3/5 stars
San San HD concealer                  5/5 stars
San San HD lipstick                      4/5 stars
San San HD liquid foundation      Haven't tried yet

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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  1. i just bought this concealer i beg to disagree that it has a great coverage for skin imperfections. I tried putting it on my 2 dark pimples...It conceals it very lightly....I think this is just perfect for very light marks or blemish. Or the reddish ones...Plus i don't know why San San products keep on increasing their prices i.e. San San HD concealer priced from 105 to 119 pesos

    1. Hi sis! sad to hear that it doesn't work for you. I never knew the price increased already, I thought HBC will have a promo for their products since it's holiday just like when I bought this last year. Btw, here's my full review of San San HD concealer: