Travel Time: Let's go to Caramoan, CamSur (Part 1)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hey Travel buddies!

On the next days, I will be featuring my travels on our lovely province Bicol! I am so much excited to share and discover some of the beautiful places in the Philippines that we should try to go to. So join me on my ride as we travel to Bicol, Philippines! Yes, because it is #morefuninthephilippines

Caramoan Islands,Camarines Sur is my mother's hometown and where she grew up and spend most of her childhood days. It is a small island consists of tiny islets in CamSur where you can experience nature and peace. Ever since I was born, we were going back and forth every summer vacations in CamSur to spend vacation and to celebrate the town fiesta on the month of May. Every summer vacation since I was a child, I always look forward going to spend my days in CamSur.

One of my favorite islet to see when I go to Caramoan! I remember asking the boats men what this islet called but because there were TMI (too much information) going on in my mind of all the beautiful islets/beaches around Caramoan , I forgot it! You can actually see this little unique islet in the middle of the seas while you were on the way to Caramoan while riding a pump boat or RoRo. 

 I am always fascinated by the natural beauty and tranquility it gives me everytime we were there. Way back then, CamSur was so much peaceful. This is where you can stop and just think quietly and most especially enjoyed simple things in life like walking in the barrio, meeting friendly people, going in from house to house during fiesta to eat, native fiesta foods, picking up fruits and most especially breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. But then, as time passes by, some people have discovered this hidden paradise floating around seas and there were improvements and somewhat changes on the place. And because of the demands of tourists going into the province, there were tourist inn, souvenir stores, house made into mini hotels for occupancy and some resorts made. I can honestly say that the peacefulness of the place I used to go before have became crowded by tourists especially for beaches and water activities. Although I can say it is still in a good way because the beautiful natural resources of Caramoan have been exposed to many people to discover and experience. Because it is an island consists of tiny islets around it, there are many beaches available to choose from and island hopping is one of the major source of income for the boats men.

Are you excited now?

So how do we get to Caramoan? There are variety of ways:

Airplane Ride. (45 min)
You can do it in an Airplane ride from Manila to Pili airport then have a ride to Naga (city proper). There find a van going to the Sabang port. If you have your own car, from airport you can directly drive going to Sabang port. It will take you 1 to 1 1/2- 2 hour ride. When you are on the Sabang port, you can now ride pump boat going to Guijalo port. And you're there!

Bus ride. (8hrs)
From Manila, you can ride bus going to Naga bus station. From there, find van going to Sabang port. When you are on the Sabang port, you can now ride pump boat going to Guijalo port. And you're there!

There were also bus ride that goes directly to another port (Nato port). Some special tourist trips that directly goes to Caramoan, CamSur where the bus will also ride on the what they called "RORO" together with the people and from port to port the bus will carry you to your destination.

Nato Port.
We were the early bird when we arrive at Nato Port. We waited for the RoRo to arrive. Cold morning indeed!
RoRo is just new way to go to Caramoan. You can ride a RoRo at Nato Port. Before, it was always through pump boat but because of the demand of tourists and other things exported to Caramoan, RoRo become one popular transport to Caramoan. RoRo is much bigger than the pump boat and can accommodate a lot more people and things like cars,packages and even bus! Yes, as I was saying there are special trips of buses that goes directly to Caramoan. Next thing is that, the sea trip is much longer than the pump boat (around 2 hours) because of the distance of Nato port to Guijalo port but if you enjoy seeing sea surroundings and mountains this is so much tolerable. 

The classic way to go to Caramoan is through pump boat. You can ride pump boat at Sabang Port. It can accommodate 20-50 people (depending on the actual boat you will ride). As per my experience, I always hated this part when I go to Caramoan because it makes me so much dizzy before but as we go back and forth to Caramoan, it became less (maybe I was used to just like an 8 hour ride in the bus, it makes me vomit! but not now). And also, maybe because there were also improvements to pump boats that makes it more comfy for a 1 1/2 hour ride approx. (still depending on the actual boat it can be a bit  faster or slower).

At Sabang port.
This part is on the seaside. The other part, just a walk away from this, you can see the actual port. The other pump boats were there. It is only because it is low tide that's why the pump boat needs to be here on the seaside.
Another thing popular when you are on the Sabang port is to eat. Nothing so much special with the food, but because everybody is hungry after that long ride from the city. This carenderia is our favorite place to eat here at Sabang port.

Feed ME!

Oops! Another fact you have to know. When low tide is on, lifting people is one way for you to get to the boat. So you have to pay for the cardagor (or the people who will carry you. that's what they do for a living to carry your baggage and yourself too!)

Here is my cousin lifted by a cargador. I know she will get mad at me for posting this here. haha! Oh well, that's how it goes. Credit goes to me, the photographer. :) haha!

Riding a pump boat. It can be a bit terrifying especially when it is your first time but don't you worry the boat os equipped with life jackets and experienced trained boats men! Based on my smile there in the picture, it seems like there's nothing to be afraid, right? Just enjoy the ride and don't forget to smile :)

Who says being in the port is boring? You just have to explore and you are ready to discover things. We just have a curious mind and roam around the port. Chilling and refreshing. ;D

So what it is like to travel by the seas? I am always fascinated by nature and to travel by the seas is easy for me. Though I have the tendency to be impatient for long trips, if I will see this kind of surroundings, It will  be so much easier definitely. It made me think that we are so blessed by beautiful nature and thank God we have this and it is ready to see and experience.  

Nature Beauty
And your view from the boat! :D

And you're finally here!
Guijalo Port.
The only port you will go when you are to travel Caramoan! This is a busy port. Everyday there are people who come and go here. This is the usual stuff in this port. Here you will pay for the Port fee and registered your name.
You will arrive at the Guijalo Port. From there you will ride a jeepney or tricycle going to the town proper or what they called "Centro"

Stand by for the: Travel Time: Let's go to Caramoan (Part 2). I have to cut it out because it is getting photo heavy already. I wanted every details that I knew will be posted.

Get ready to tour around the town proper on my next blog post..

*photos are selected randomly from our visits to Caramoan

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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