Travel Time: Let's go to Caramoan, CamSur (Part 2)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hey travel buddies!

Let's continue our trip to Caramoan, CamSur province. Be sure to catch up with the Travel Time: Let's go to Caramoan, CamSur (Part 1). Now we are ready to explore the town proper.

Although I've always been to Caramoan almost every year. I still feel different kind of excitement everytime. There is a relaxing and calming feel in me.
Ok now, get ready for a bumpy ride going to the main town. It's going to be up and down from mountain to mountain. Yes, it is exciting but a bit terrifying (the local government should seriously have good road project here eversince it was always like this kind of road because we don't want any accident to happen in the future). It will take you about 20-30minute ride via tricycle or jeepney to reach the main town.

Here's a photos of the conditions of the road you are going through. There are muddy, rocky, and smooth ride. The machines and tires of the local jeepneys and tricycle must be tough enough to conquer these kind of roads.

Photo courtesy of: MotorcyclePhilippines
Your view on your way to town. You will mostly see rice fields, nipa hut houses, trees, mountains and ponds along the way. You will instantly have that province feel.

The one and only hospital in Caramoan. 
The town! Not so busy road for vehicles unlike the city, mostly public vehicles like "pandyak" and tricycles only. There is always a lot of people along the streets especially when fiesta and summer peak season. Now, you will not just see local bakasyonistas roaming/walking around the town but also a lot of foreigners. A lot of people really discovered this hidden island across the seas, huh? 
Photo by: Enhenyero
If you heard about it, the reality series Survivor was shoot here in Caramoan by many countries specifically in Gota Beach that is why this town is known worldwide. Oh well, I will tour you on that beach on my next posts don't worry.
Photo by: Jekert
Let's go to the St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church. The oldest here in Caramoan (as far as I know). There are chapels around the town but this is the only church I've known and been here. ever since. The proximity of our grandmother's house where we stay when we're here is just  walking distance from here and btw, the church is just around the main town so you can just pay a visit whenever you're in Caramoan and it is really not hard to find because the ring of the church bell is heard  around town.

St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church
And I've seen this amazing photograph of the church. Old churches,for me, are breathtaking. You can just imagine how long it stood up here before us. Long before we knew they existed.
Photo by: Caramoan Travel and Tours
So, we can now enjoy buying souvenir in Caramoan. It was just recently that there were souvenir shops in town that opens. What is the experience without souvenirs? Atleast we now have these kind of shops in Caramoan (and restaurants please?hehe).
Photo by: Nagacitydeck
Yay! Souvenir items for us and our loved ones!
Photo by: Nagacitydesk
Our visit is not complete without visiting Cadong, the place where we have our grandmother's rice fields and many crops. When I was a child, my uncle told me "can you see that mountain? from there to here (pointing on the fields), that is your grandmother's land, our family land. And I was like, so I can freely play on that mountain? He said no, because many crops and trees were planted there. My uncle have taken it seriously haha, I was a child and I just wanted a place to play and don't mind about the crops and plants he was saying by that time. Up until now, my uncle manages the farm and we are enjoying the bountiful crops our family land gives us.

I love farms. I can only enjoy the farm when I'm here so I am always excited about it. It was like "I'm walking on sunshine oh,oh!". It's alright to walk under the sun or get your hands and feet dirty by the mud or even climb trees to get fruits. Exciting!

Oh yes! there is videoke here! I'm a Karaoke Queen!

Enjoying my freshly pick coconut. YUM YUM!
We have our take home BUKO and SUHA.
Visiting our grandma's old house. Houses are all like this before it is called "Nipa hut" made of woods and dried leaves. 
Here with my cousin's Danish husband.

How about I'll take you on a tour on Gota Beach on my next blog post? Stay Tuned. Thanks for visiting. 

*photos are selected randomly from our visits to Caramoan

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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