Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20
Cost: P 599.00 pesos
Net wt: 200ml
Available at Watsons

Hey Girl!

Oh? Summer is still here and the sun keeps shining. You want that sun-kissed skin without cooking your skin on the sun? Here is Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze which is just perfect for summer. It protects your skin and helps it achieve a even natural looking  tan at the same time! With just a spray, you will get an immediate sun protection and support skin's natural tanning ability.

A one full 200 ml bottle is good for 6 full body application in an average adult. You just have to keep re-applying after swimming and toweling. Also, it only has SPF 20 which gives you medium sun protection so you have to actually re-apply every 3 hours even if you didn't swim. It is not sticky at all and easy to use. It glides smoothly on skin when rubbing in and you feel your skin is moisturized after use. It smells just like your other Nivea lotion. This one is your perfect summer buddy.

 Let's get ready to the sun!

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