SkinWhite PowerWhitening Body Wash

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SkinWhite PowerWhitening Body Wash
Cost: P 99.00 pesos
Net wt: 235ml
Available at Mercury Drug stores

Hey Girl!

I want to share with you this Skin White Whitening Body Wash as part of my skin whitening routine. I personally got medium-natural skin tone and always strive to have that fair looking skin. So, any whitening products I will encounter is a must try for me. I was really interested with this product because it is very new to me. I tried Skin White lotion before and now they have this body wash for the complete skin whitening routine. It has synchronized whitening action through multiple actives to ensure you achieve beautiful blush white skin. Another good thing, I doesn't just cleanse and whitens but also moisturizes and nourishes skin with Vitamins B3 and E. Yey!

The Ingredients

It comes in a 235 ml tube that is good enough for long time use because a small amount is enough to lather on the skin. I love the smell of the product that every time you go out of shower you will instantly feel fresh and looking good. It promises to give you a blush white skin in just 7 showers! I've heard a lot of whitening products say about the 7 day whitening effect but you know what I'm patient enough and if it will really gives me a beautiful white skin in a long run, I will surely use it even without that 7 day effect. I've been using it for almost 7 days now, and I see no much significant effect on whitening which I don't feel angry about I know it will take time with my other whitening products I use to see the difference. I don't expect for the 7 day instant whitening effect but I believe that it gives me an instant smooth, soft and radiant glow every time I go out of shower. The feeling of freshness and looking good at the same time is what I like the most.

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Princess Mikee 

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