First time hike: Mt. Isarog, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hey Girl!

It was a great sunny day when me and my big brother decided to go to Mt. Isarog. It wasn't his first time to go there, I was envy when I saw his pictures so I was the one who pushed him to go there that day. It was just the perfect time and weather to climb that day. I am not really that adventurous girl but I am always fan of the idea of doing things I didn't do before. I admit that we are not so ready to hike that day (I mean, physically and some things ), I didn't even think what to expect and what to even bring for the hike maybe I am just too excited which is not really good. Above all based on my experience, first things first, get ready of all the things you may need while hiking like water which is very important! (and which we don't have that day! Omygosh!), maybe flashlight (just in case), towel/bimbo, safety kit (some basic medical things you needed in case of emergency), and some other things technically (I am not an expert here). Okay next, be physically ready. In our case, it was just my first time to even go there so I have no idea how many kilometeres I needed to climb or the danger that awaits me. Next time, I will make some little research first and get some stretching, of course. Mentally, I am so excited, ready for everything and so looking forward to go there.

Let's start hiking!

The map going to the park entrance
The road going to the park entrance is still rough so the real walking starts long before the actual park entrance. It was a 15-20 minutes walk so I was already tired when we get to the park entrance. Actually, you have the option of getting your private vehicle up to the nearest possible it can go before the park entrance but as I was saying it was really rough road so do it at your own risk, we prefered walking because my brother doesn't want to force his motorcycle to that road but he didn't told me that he parked a lot away from the park entrance and our walking and hiking starts there. We start walking 9:30 in the morning, we are the first tourists to arrive there plus some of the staff/caretakers and some people who lived in the foot of the mountain. Good thing, Mount Isarog is tourist friendly because there were sign boards and tarpaulin that leads you to the way going up to the mountain.

My brother parked his motorcycle in number 1. So we actually walk all from 1-7 (up to the park entrance). It was a long walk as I said I think it is a pure 15-20minutes walk. It was very tiring. I never actually knew that we are not yet on the park entrance until I saw this tarpauline when we were already just on the 4th station. I totally knew that we are  actually starting the climb (which we actually are) to the entrance of the mountain. Oh, I guess the long walk and climb in the foot of the mountain is a burden and satisfying at the same time. 

Hey! Look at the forest.It is mysterious yet amazing view of nature

When we were on the station 5, there we saw the whole naga city. Wohoo! we are on the top of the city. We had to stop to take some picture and rest! It was a fulfilling scene to see. It was one of a kind experience for me. After everything, we have to continue climbing up to the park entrance where the actual adventure awaits me.

Along the road, we saw this baby carabao. hehe! I wanted a closer picture with the carabao but I was afraid the animal will panicked when I get too close and strike me with its horn (I know it is still a little horn, but it will totally hurts, you know! haha). So this is the safest distant picture that we have. AT least! We also pay the park entrance (10.00 pesos/each) and registered on the guest book on the station 5 (at first, I don't understand why we payed before we headed up to the park entrance. It is because there is no one in the park entrance, haha! The staff that was suppossed to be there is resting on the wood made shelter on station 5 that if he wouldn't get our pay on that station, we will head up first to the park entrance before him)

Going a little more climb up to the entrance, at this point I felt really really tired and felt the need of water (that's when we realized we didn't even brought one, sad story bro!). A few minutes, we headed to the entrance it was a quiet place, only the sound of nature breaks its silence. It was a pure forest thing. My excited headed high with a little nervousness. I can see that the area is not well maintained. There were some establishment made but it was worn out through the years. I only see less than 5 staffs that looks over the mountain and some other people who live in the foot of the mountain.

When you get to the park entrance, you will see this tarpaulin going to the two falls. When I saw this, I was too excited with the falls. (It was my first time to see a falls live! haha)

There are two options on the tarpaulin where to go, it is either Nabuntulan Falls or the Malabsay Falls.
We choose first the Malabsay falls since it is just another 10 minutes walk and climb because I was too tired and afraid that I can't even reach or climb another 30 minutes because of dehydration and fatigue. After another little break and rest, we headed up to Malabsay Falls. When we headed up right, we already heard the sound of the water flowing down. Yes, it is the falls already. It feels like it is so near beside you but the next 10 minutes climb is a lot harder than we've gone through before the park entrance. The way to the falls is a muddy,rocky road. You only have just enough space to walk through, on the sides were all grass, unknown plants and trees everywhere. I was a kinda nervous while hiking because anytime we can pass by snakes,lizards and some other species. There were up and downs so I have to slow down and take extra care that's why I thought it doesn't just took us 10 minutes to reach the Malabsay falls.

Harder than I thought! A lot of steps coming our way. I just need to keep going.

And on the final 3 minutes walk, we slowed down because the road is rocky and slippery.
When I finally saw the peak of the falls. I was wow amazing! It was my first time to see a waterfalls live in front of me. It was a relieving experience to see the beauty of nature. It feels like I forget what I came through for a while. I was amazed. I was speechless. I was blown-away. I wish I had more amazing shots of the falls. But since, we are not prepared and ready, my camera was half batt when we start our journey and lowbatt after few shots when we get there

More pictures!

From this view, I was on the top of the big stone. It was a bit slippery so I had to take extra caution on my steps.

The water was cold. It was a perfect getaway for summer. It will boost up your freshness, really. Though the water was really deep from center to the near the falls.

If my camera isn't lowbatt, I bet I had 100 pictures and more amazing shoots. But still, I enjoyed the nature more than everything. It is the experience that counts.

Nabuntulan Falls? Maybe next time! Haha. I don't have the energy anymore. I promise next time. I am more ready and prepared for it. See you next year, I guess! :D

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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