Sample Room Haul: Colour Collection, Belo, H20, Nivea, Celeteque, Zen Zest, SkinWhite and GlutaC

Friday, June 20, 2014

My Sample Room haul (it's more than what you see..)
Hey Girl!

Last month, my VIP subscription to Sample Room has ended. It's been a fruitful 2 months of sampling and I admit it was kinda addicting. haha! For two months, I had to check on their site as often to find out if there are new products I could try. Sample Room had given me an opportunity to find products that works best for me even before I purchase in a full prize and size. Now, before I go on with my new VIP subscription to Sample Room, I want to share with you all the sample products I got and the products that works for me.

Imagine, for the past 2 months I got 20 sampling products, most of them are in full size. If I even total every cost I made for all of this equals to the actual prizes of all the products I got, I only spent 1/4 of the total actual prize plus the perks of trying out new released products and finding what best suit and works for me. It is a great thing especially if you are a product junkie but still in a budget.

I've already told you the story of my very first order in Sample Room and why is it so memorable. (if you missed it, it is HERE). And starting that day on, I didn't stop and keep on sampling for the good of me and others.

My Summer Lipsticks from Colour Collection. How could I forget this gorgeous lippies! It is new and just in time for my summer. Tupperware brands gave me a treat by getting a chance to try out these great products from Colour Collection. The amazing skin benefits gives justice to BB creams.

My summer isn't complete without these back to back sunscreens from Belo and Nivea. I couldn't ask for more from Sample Room. These are just in last summer.

Belo Sun Expert 
Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Spray SPF 20
I couldn't forget when Sample Room opens the chance to get sample products from H20+. Because it is too expensive for my tight budget, I was very happy to gave it a try. These products are worth sampling because you get the chance to try the product that works well for you without breaking your bank. The Eye oasis is my favorite.

H20+ Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment

I always look up to Celeteque when it comes to skincare and I am so much happy when it invades Sample Room with their full size products.  I couldn't ask for more.

Another thing I like in Sample Room is that it gives me an endless opportunity to try out products I couldn't imagine trying. Here's one from Zen Zest. The anti-mosquito room fragrance.  This is just right for the rainy season

I admit it. When it comes to skincare, whitening products are at the top of my priorty (blame it on me). Great thing, I got a chance to try out new released products from Skin White and Gluta-C. Hooray!

How about you? Have you tried Sample Room yet?
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Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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