Blogger Guide: Getting a blog's name.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hey Girl!

For today, I wanted to talk about getting a blog's name. For those who have changed their blog names through the years will highly relate to this topic. I, myself, have experienced the same until I found the best for me. Well, they can't blame us; nothing's permanent in this world but change. But of course dearies, time will come that you have to decide for yourself what blog name you will stick with forever and established a foundation.

What to consider in deciding for your blog name.

1. Find your interest. It is really important that you know what your blog would become. It should be something that you are fond of doing for it to grow. It is a compilation of what you wanted to read and talk about. The name should relate to what your blog composed of, like if it is all about new technologies and gadgets it should be something "techy", if it is about animals or pets, something animal friendly name or sounds cute. Something like that.

2. Make it uniquely you. We are all special in our own way. Our blog could be personal and about us. We can pick a name that has a deeper meaning of our personality and our own self. No one could explain, only ourselves and it's okay! that's is your blog,by the way. Make your blog stand out the many. There are a lot of blogs with almost the same blog names, only their actual name differs. Blog by Anne, Blog by Maria, Blog by John. You could do so much better and make it more about you.

3. Make it memorable. Make it short but sweet. If you want to be searched easily, find a name that can easily be remembered. Something they couldn't forget in case they want to come back to your blog anytime. I've seen a lot of good content blogs with not so easy to remember blog names, and even if I wanted to come back I couldn't because I don't really remember everything. Some people will just come by a chance to your blog, and don't let that chance be a waste. Make a good impression. Be searchable. But of course, if you really got it, they will find you, anyway.

4. Make it specific. Established a blog name that highly relate to its contents. Readers have different interest and specific topics they want to read. So, if you have a blog with beauty-related topics, find a name that is beauty-related too so they will easily find you. Readers knew what they want and only read what got their interest.

5. Make it a fun experience. Relax. Don't overthink too much. Isn't it exciting to think of a blog name? You will change your mind for an instance, find new interests, or think of a better name.  In the end, it is you to decide what makes you happy and what perfectly describes what you are doing. Eventually, as your blog grows you will find a name that perfectly fits for what you've imagined your blog would become.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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