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Monday, December 29, 2014

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Hey Girl!

Oh! Another year is almost coming but before that I would like to reminisce some beauty inspirations I've done throughout the year. I haven't done my homework for my monthly inspirations this past year and now it is the time for me to compile everything in one. My first year of blogging have been a life changing experience. Now, for few more days we will be celebrating another one. 

Now, let's start! Roll call for the past year. :) (For complete details about the look, kindly click on the link for more details)

I started the year with these 5 make-up inspirations for different moods. You can be sweet and charming with "Before dawn sweetie" or  be a beautiful creature with "Ice Princess". I gave it a try to be classy and smart with "Smokey chic". How about to be bold and cool at the same time, I got it with "Party all night". Lastly, "Love me green" is looking fresh and sophisticated. Here are the looks:

2. Ice Princess

I'm a "Cat Princess!", I claimed it last Halloween.

It wasn't me, yes! but I'm glad I did good in there.

My first time to re-create a K-pop inspired look. It was Sunny of SNSD in their music video Mr. mr

9. No Make-up make-up look

In contrast to my sassy and playful make-up looks on the first month of the year, I ended it with just a simple "No make-up makeup look".

It is Spring time! (maybe on your country, but not on mine) but still I got inspired with all you guys are doing. At least, I felt it with my own version of Spring Fling.


Last year was a blast for long hair tutorials here on my blog, unlike this year because my hair gets shorter and curler that's why but still it will not stop me from creating some hairspiration and made sure I cope up with you girls with these 5 messy short hair looks that I did in the last quarter of the year.

1. 5 Hairstyles for short messy hair

No one can beat an easy less than 5 minute hair tutorials. It is always on the go. It is back to back "Tuck me gorgeous" and "Twist and Loop".


I didn't forget to create a nailspiration for special occasions like Valentine's and Christmas day. Yay!

1. Valentine's day nails

3. Gold digger

Dig it to my nails! I'm inlove with my gold nails.

That's it!
Cheers for another year full of inspirations
Portfolio 2013 HERE

"The art of passion never stops and the beauty will remain until you knew its real purpose."
                                                                                                               -Princess Mikee

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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