How to change the default name and password of your Globe Tattoo Mobile Wifi 4G

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hey Girl!

Hello! It's been more than a year of blogging and as much as I could I wanted to gave updates on the popular posts in this blog, one of which is my review on the "Globe Tattoo Mobile Wifi 4G". No doubt, this is the generation of technologies where everything is already fast-paced. It just keeps on getting easier, lighter and convenient. No wonder portable mobile wifi is in-demand nowadays so that your always connected everywhere you go. I've seen lately in the market the little differences in appearance of the Globe Tattoo Mobile Wifi 4G I have which I bought early last year and the new one. As you can see, the screen is wider and slimmer than what I have but the total size and design was very much the same. I just don't know if it is slimmer from the inside of the box. And the most interesting part is, it is more affordable in P 1,495! I got mine at P 1,995. I knew for sure that there are a lot of people who bought this one last holiday season that's why the demand for the review goes up to those who wanted to make sure that their money won't go to waste. 

On top, my Globe Tattoo Mobile Wifi 4G that I got early last year below it is what I saw in the market last month.

I have my unit for almost a year now and regretted it for the first few months after buying it. I expected more and got  less than what I expected so in short, I was disappointed. But, after getting used to the signal and speed issues. I can now say that it was okay. You just have to know where to place it in the part of your home or bring it where there is good signal of Globe. As per experience, it works differently depending on your location. Lately, my experience have maximized when I learned just recently (late last year! maybe because I'm not too techy and didn't use this much only if I needed it most or feel like using it) that I could use it to PC and there I could change my unit name and password. I know you would tell me why didn't I ask these questions to the sales attendant after buying it, I swear I asked the attendant how to change the password of the unit. She just says you have to connect it to PC, there you could change the password. The explanation was too broad and I just said "Okay" without asking further because the attendant seems to not know much about what she is selling and a little irritable. I want it by the way so I told myself I will just try what she said at home maybe it is as easy like that. I used the little cable that comes in the set on my unit and connected it to PC. As far as I remembered, it just charges and nothing happened. I didn't try again after that and wonder maybe I need the prescribed cable for PC connection and the little cable is for charging only.

Just recently, everytime I turned my wifi on when I'm in public places, I always searched someone with ex: "huawei-1abc-e2fg" same as the format of the default wifi name of Globe Tattoo Mobile Wifi 4G I have. So, I assumed that there are really a lot of those who have this already and the registration process for prepaid subscribers becomes tougher. Yes! I experienced that. It says for 2 days of registration "..cannot be processed at this time because of the number of users currently registered..". Did I remembered it right? I almost memorized the whole message because I was so frustrated to register. Back to the topic (sorry for writing too much! I'm such a storyteller), I don't know if some people mind to change their default name and wifi password key but for me it is! because it is something personal and the default wifi password key is really hard to remember for those people who wants to connect with you if you allow to (unless you want to open up the back part of your unit everytime). So I made this little tutorial for those who are still confused and don't know how to (just like me, it took me almost a year to discover everything by myself). Here are the easy step by step with pictures.

First of all, make sure you are registered to any surf promo of Globe Tattoo then connect your unit to your PC (I used the cable of my Samsung phone and it works perfectly fine). After you connect, you have to switch your unit ON (this is the part that I didn't do when I first attempted to install it to PC. I didn't switch it ON and it will keep on a charging mode if you don't press that button). When you switched it on, it will automatically install your device.

Step 1. Go to your browser and type the exact thing you see on the picture. After you type it, you will see the information of your device.
Step 2. Click Log In.
Step 3. Type in username and password.

Step 4. The default username and password is both "admin" (you could change your password later in the tutorial). Take note: The Log In information is not the same as your device/unit username and password. It is for your Globe Tattoo Setup where you can see information and customize your device itself.

Step 5. After logging in, you will be welcomed to the quick setup wizard. This time it will be easier for you and you could do it by yourself but of course, I will still be with you and guide you.

Step 6. Click Next (see picture numbered 6).

Step 7. Here you can see if you are in postpaid or prepaid. You don't have to do anything just click Next (see picture numbered 7).

Step 8. Hola! Here is where you could now customize your desired name for your device. 
Step 9. And for the password. Change it for your desired password.
Step 10. Click Next (see picture numbered 10).

Step 11. You will see here the information of your device. If everything is okay for you, then click Finish (see picture numbered 11).

All you have to do is to wait for few moments and viola! You're done. You have successfully change your device name and password.

Now, let us change the password of your Globe Tattoo Setup. Remember the username: admin password: admin when you try to Log In? You could change the password: admin with your desired password.

Step 1. Click Settings. (see the arrow in the picture)
Step 2. Under System, click modify password. Current password: admin and type in your new password then confirm the new password. Click Apply.

Hooray! You did it!
Too many password changes? Make sure you memorized and remembered every single password change. That's it. I hope this is helpful for you. :)

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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  1. Whoa! Very informative! We just bought the pocket wifi hours ago and this is a thumbsup for us. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Keep me updated if your new unit is the same as my old one. :)

  2. how do you change the username default: admin? it was not clear with your tutorial it's only the password that you able to change...

    1. Hello cascade! I am sorry I haven't include that on my list. I haven't figured it out yet by that time. I might update this post if ever. But, it is easy t change it when you are in mobile.