A Day in My Life: Before February Ends..

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hey girl!

Before February ends, I wanted to greet you a Happy Chinese New Year! I know this is a very late greetings but at least, it is better late than never. This is just one of my random/personal mushing post. Last month, we celebrated new year in Gregorian calendar but I haven't shared resolutions and plans I have for this year. It is because I actually haven't had any yet at that time but I guess, we all need to have something to look forward for a new year. Since, it is another year in the Chinese lunar calendar, it's not too late to set goals for this year. By the way,  I just learned that my zodiac sign is metal sheep not a wooden sheep, the zodiac in the lunar calendar that we are celebrating this year. It is still a sheep,ram or goat. So basically, it is partly my year (partly! but not totally lol).

Oh, you might notice that I have some Chinese new year-inspired pictures here. It was an exhibit of some of the arts and crafts from Chan Lim. It was taken in Mall of Asia (MOA) 2 days after the Chinese new year. I am fond of seeing arts and crafts. It has a lot of inspiration and passion in it.  Here are some of the arts.

Whenever I got goals to achieve, I always put it in my post-it board to give me a daily reminder and to motivate me more in achieving it. I used to write my future plans but it is not the same as my year-end goals. The latter is simply my short term plans. 

1. Getting a domain name for this blog. I was thinking about it since late last year and I am still thinking about it up to now. I just need to read more about it and make up my mind. I am positive I can make it this year.

2. Finish a book. Another thing that I love doing is reading but, I felt like I am always pre-occupied with all my thoughts and things to do daily that I have so little time reading. I am more into medical books because of my profession but I also love reading horror books and books from local writers. The book I'm trying to finish is too thick but I know little by little and topic by topic I could finish it by the end of the year.

3. Attend a blog event. I am more than a year in blogsphere but I still consider myself as a beginner in writing my blog. I know I have a lot to learn to make this blog better. I need to go out and meet people from the same world to be more inspired.

4. Attend a beauty workshop. I've been wanting to attend one eversince. I just have to allot budget and time for this. There's so much beauty guru in the country that organizes beauty workshops and I have a lot to choose from. I believe in order to be more effective in this beauty blogging world, the blogger itself must have proper training to validate their knowledge and skills.

5. Blog more. Yes, I will claim it. It is time to organize my thoughts one by one. I have rough times and felt like stopping this thing called blogging but the passion and love of what I am doing is more than the discouragement of continuing. A lot better blogging year ahead.

I will not miss to have a photo-op with this crafted cherry blossom tree. It was beautiful.

Those are some of my goals for the year. I'll just keep some of my personal goals to myself. How about you? Have you set your goals for the year already? I would love to hear it too.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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