CatLovers: How effective are my cat wands?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dearest CATLovers,

I have to say spending time with my cats is like a therapy to me. They instantly makes me happy that's why I have to find ways to interact with them that can be beneficial  for both of us and I'm talking about playtime. Playtime with my cats doesn't just makes me happy but also can be a form of exercise for my feline friends. Last time, I made a post about DIY cat wands so that I can interact with them during their playtime without having some scratches (you may not ask, but I actually play with them by pulling back and forth their cat toys and moving my fingertips fast until they'll notice then, ending up catching my hands). The cat wands I made recently are really a big help for me and made our playtime more fun without getting hurt or dealing with some scratches.

Today, I wanted to share some of the video clips of my cats playing with the cat wands. I think it will be the best way to share it than still photos. And yes, my cats will be invading YouTube. This will be my very first video upload on my YouTube channel and I am hoping to capture more of my cat videos. Make sure to watch it on the highest possible quality and beg my shaky hands, sometimes. I am also grateful I found an easy video editor, VideoShow, that makes the publishing and editing easier. So, here it is.  


I know! they are the cutest. 

And the Most Playful Award goes to Kaycee. Haha.

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee 

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