Summer Destination: Island Hopping in Caramoan, Camarines Sur (Part 1)

Sunday, March 01, 2015

This is a 3-part travel series:
Summer Destination: Island Hopping in Caramoan, Camarines Sur (Part 1)
Summer Destination: Island Hopping in Caramoan, Camarines Sur (Part 2)
Summer Destination: Island Hopping in Caramoan, Camarines Sur (Part 3)

Hey Travel buddies!

One of the exciting season is coming, it's S-U-M-M-E-R. It means adventures, travels, hot destinations, nature tripping and a lot more to do outdoors. Here in the Philippines, it's not a big deal because we almost always have sunny weather everyday except the fact that there are really rainy season/months and cold weather (I'm just talking about 16-18 C late nights and early mornings, no big deal for those who have winter season. Haha!) but overall and most of the time, we get to enjoy the sun. Also, here in the Philippines, it is called hot dry season where the sun strikes hotter. This time of the year also spells vacation from school so it is perfect time for family bonding/vacation. As for me and my family, our favorite summer vacation destination is in Region V Bicol, specifically in Caramoan, Camarines Sur mainly because it is my mother's hometown. I already talked about this before it is in my post HERE if you want to know more about Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

Taken in Paniman where we started our island hopping adventure. This is where we got boats for island hopping.

It is known to be as CamSur. It became famous because of its many beaches and rock formations. Caramoan is composed of many islands that are rich in natural resources. It is a great spot for those who wants adventures, serene environment, nature tripping by the seas and beaches. If you want to have a more peaceful summer destination but still get to enjoy the beach and the sun, CamSur is perfect for you. It is also one of the promising summer destinations in the Philippines just like Boracay, which is known to have the finest sand. Truly, #itsmorefuninthephilippines.

Caramoan Islands

I am not a beach buddy and too adventurous but I got to enjoy nature tripping and peaceful environment just like what CamSur has to offer. I am just lucky enough to have my vacation by the beach every time with my family as I always say. I've been to Caramoan countless times since I was a child and growing up I got to enjoy beaches every summer vacation maybe that's why my skin is always getting darker. Still no regrets, it is the enjoyment and the experience that is more important for me. Good thing, I found products to back me up every summer and let's talk about that next time. One of the most exciting thing to do in CamSur is island hopping where you could experience and see the nature's beauty of the islands in Caramoan. So, come with me as I share with you my island hopping experience in CamSur. This will be a 3-part travel series because I want you to see the beauty of some of the islands in Caramoan.

As far as I know, there were 39 named islands in Caramoan (that is based on the t-shirt we bought from Gota Village Resort (see the photo above), which is one of the island in Caramoan and became famous because it is one of the sought after island for the shooting of the reality TV show Survivor from different parts of the country. Some of the islands were developed and privatized where you have to make an accommodation to get to the island while most of them are open for public island hoppers. I remember those times when all of the islands were open for the public but I can't blame the developers because they made the experience even better to accommodate the tourists. But still the good news is, there's still a lot more public islands to hop in, so no worries! Only some of the popular island like Gota beach became privatized, it is one of the most popular ever since before because it can be reach by land from the town proper of Caramoan so the easy access to the beach makes it more popular and most visited. 

Most of the time we only hop into 2 islands per visit just to enjoy the beach and also to settle down our things. Well technically, you almost get the same per island the sand, beach side and stone formation but I tell you, there's still a different feel each island have and the view from one island to another. Islands vary from place to place, I mean the distance you need to consider when island hopping because if you wanted to visit them all, you will end up consuming your time in the middle of the seas sailing (which is also not bad at all). But hey, you gotta get to an island, settle and enjoy (it's all  your preference). I think most of our island hopping goes to the nearest islands possible, maybe 20-30mins ride that's why most of our visits, it is the same island we've been before but still, even if we've been on that island 2-3x, we are always excited and happy to see the beauty of nature.

Hop in! This is the island where we are going!
Okay, I know you are too excited to see everything. Let's hop to the first island. But first, (sorry for too much storytelling) the truth is even if we got to these islands more than once, I'm still unsure of their island names. So beg me, if I got the name wrong or got no name at all.  By the way, boats men knows best. I'm sure they knew most of the islands perfectly so better asks them if you're planning an island hopping in Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

First island stop "Sabitang-Laya", as per my mother. As far as I remembered, we always called this "puting baybay" because that's what we overheard from the boatsmen even before. Puting baybay means white sand, although, many islands actually got white sand maybe because this is the popular one. Most boatmen always bring the tourists here. You'll find out why.

If you love travelling by the boat (it's pump boat), then, surely there will be no problem. Sometimes, it will be a shaky ride depending on the waves. By this time, you got to enjoy the sceneries.  

Good thing about this island is, it is actually two parts. It is two parts connected perpendicularly with each other. So, it is simply the same island but you don't get to see both parts at the same time. Good news, it's like you got two islands in one. There could be one family excursion on the other side of the island and can have another on the other part with privacy or you could share and enjoy both sides.

 Aside from the beach, you also got to enjoy seeing stone/rock formation that is just photo-perfect.

Let's explore the island. Here are the two parts of the island. On the left, it is has the longest beach side of the two where you can enjoy running around the sand, or do outdoor activities. On the right, it is the small side where you could swim and enjoy your privacy because most of the people opt to stay on the longest side.

Look! a tree growing from the stones. You can visibly see its roots. I believe I saw this tree long before ever since childhood. So, I thought it's been here for many years now.
The beach side. Don't expect me posing in a bikini alongside the beach. I am not a beach buddy but I always got to enjoy beaches, the waves and the breezy air. The water here is bluish green. 
I can sing "I'm walking on sunshine, oh, oh!" the sweetest part. But of course, I can run bare foot only if the sand is not too hot to handle. :)

 I can't leave without playing in the sand. Yeah, just like a kid (whatever). I always play mermaid in the sand So, I made a sand mermaid tail together with my brother or cousin. Next time, I swear to find a ready-made mermaid tail to fulfill my mermaid dream. Well, I believe in mermaids, even if I don't see one or maybe I don't really want to see one (I'll be scared for sure).  

More fun in the sun!
That will be all for today. I hope you enjoyed the 1st part of the island hopping series. Come back for the 2nd part and the 3rd where we will hop in more islands. Let's get this summer heating!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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