Mid-length crisis: Medium hair hairstyle ideas

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hey girl!

Hello, hello! I missed sharing hairstyle ideas. I used to do it a lot here in my blog but this past weeks I'm on a lie-low when it comes to hairstyles because I am struggling on growing my natural curls plus a hectic schedule at work equals to no time in doing any other hairstyle but a bun, either high or low. I called it mid-length hair crisis. But, I can't just be the lousy, boring girl without trying. So, I gathered up some hair-inspiration on how to spice up and style my short-medium growing natural curls. Oh, and I remembered I've already done this before check out my hairstyle ideas for short messy hair. Let's took some effort and try different looks with our short-medium hair.

1. Pinned up, girl! In doing this, add some waves to your hair and part your hair on one side. Lastly, clip it with your accent pin.Viola!

2. Volume up. Tease hair on the center to create a pompadour. Let down your remaining hair. You're good to go!

3. Simply Mary. Straighten up your hair and part it equally half. Add some anti frizz or keratin spray for a lasting shiny, straight hair. (Oh, my hair is way better here in the photo than in reality. Define frizzy hair please!)

4. Flirty waves. Add waves to your hair and part it on one side. Simple as that!

5. Braided Monica.
Create a cute, sassy dutch braid on the edge of your hair and add a flirty curls to it.

There you go! It always takes some effort to style a hair so you always need to spare a LITTLE of your time in doing one especially for those who have frizzy, curly, wavy hair like mine. You need the help of some hair tools in creating a hairstyle. So, next time you're bored with your repeated hairstyle routine, you might want to try any of these hair ideas.

Do it, one hairstyle at a time. You go girl. Alright?

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. Wow! So simple and sweet:) I`m a fun of beautiful hairstyles . Woman with a trimmed hairstyle always look irreproachable and has all chances to success.

  2. Likewise, we are curious whether the trend hair cuts are actually also worn in the 2016 cool, strong colors. Especially blondes are called for men's hairdressers. This trend is not in contrast to the trendy "New Natural" -look, because the colors are brought naturally into the long hairstyles for men with strings.

  3. The time of the edgy men's hairdressers is drawing to a close. "The hair cuts will become softer, rounder, flowing in 2016," says star hairdresser Jörg Oppermann from Hamburg. long hairstyles for men with a pony part that can be combed into the forehead, the contours that are as moving as possible, are announced. The pony part should be cut in such a way that the hair can be changed quickly with a little gel, wax or powder: "convertible" thus becomes the easy-to-implement trend for men's hairdressers 2016.