New Year Goal: Blog Planning 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hey girl!

Happy New Year dear! Is it too late to say I'm sorry for the late greeting? Sounds familiar, Hahaha! My backlogs have been piling up and I want to make my first blog post of the year a good start. I've been trying to organize my blog as much as I can, but these organizing and scheduling thing hits me so hard. I started to make a blog plan since late last year to have a great start to 2016 and yeah, planning isn't as easy as it sounds. One moment could change the entire plan. The holidays almost consumes me and I had to kick start my 2016.

If you are doing blogging for a couple of years now, you might have a clear path on what you want your blog to be. I mean, the blog you want to establish. And if you are like me who has a profession instead of blogging, it is a great help to lessen the clutter on my mind and at the same time do what I love, blogging. Blog planning is the best way to organize your ideas and to be a productive individual as well. 

My blogging on the last two years is always a dry run of all my ideas. The blog post ideas is overflowing depending on my mood and current status. But on the other note, planning and scheduling a post in an organized manner will make all the ideas posted into the right time. I'm never good at planning. I have to researched from all over the blogger around the web on how they maintained a well-organized blog. It is the key of every successful blogger. I tried planning before but it doesn't worked well with me so I changed a bit of a blog plan. It doesn't work for everybody, I tell you. You have to establish some rules that abides with your schedule and lifestyle. Another thing, it is a good idea that you find time to personalize your blog planner. Yeah, a planner that you purchased from the store is too cute but it is not all what you need. Let us start the blog plan.

1. The Calendar. Oh yes, of course. To keep track on your monthly activities, you gotta need a calendar. A pretty calendar. Take note of some important events and activities you don't want to miss. 

2. Blog Goals. Keep improving your blog by setting attainable blog goals. Example: To blog three times a week, To increase traffic by 10%, To change blog layout, etc.

3. The Weekly Plan. Established a weekly plan of scheduling your posts. For example every Monday is review day, wherein you will only post product reviews. Every Tuesday is OOTD day. and so on..It will make your blog consistent.

4. The Social Media. This is to make sure that all your posts are shared on your social media accounts. Keep connected with your readers in every platform.

5. The Blank Space. Why is it blank? This will be your brainstorming page where you will put all your ideas in every post. A draft is still very helpful in many ways. Write your heart and mind out. Wink!

6. The Blog Post. List all your possible blog posts for the week. Gather all your ideas and list the materials needed for the project.

7. The To do List. For you to not miss a thing, write the details of your entire day. Strike-through all what is done, until you finished them all. One at a time.

8. The Inspirational Board. I just want to have an inspirational board every time. It is a constant reminder of why I do these things. Just randomly put whatever in your mind may it be your motto in life, favorite quotes, saying, etc. Something that brightens up your day. It is more like a freedom wall.
Alright! These will be the pages for now. I will be creating more next time. It is just the format of what my blog planner looks like. You can print it and copy the format or better if you can make your own and make this as an inspiration. Let us make planning fun because it ain't easy. Make sure to always look back to what you have planned so you can always keep track what's next on your blog. Keep planning and happy blogging. There is more to come.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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