Nature at its best: Baguio City, Philippines (Part 1)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hey travel buddies!

It's been quite a while since I posted a travel diary and it is just the right time this "Love Season" to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. I can still remembered the last time I was here years ago, it was so foggy and cold. If I remembered clearly, it was a really cold December. But you also can't miss the "love is in the air" February in Baguio City where cold winds strikes and the flowers bloom so beautifully. I am forever amazed with the beauty of nature like #wheninbaguio feels. I am proud to say #itsmorefuninthephilippines. Let's have a quick visit on the City of Pines: Baguio City, Philippines. 

It is indeed a beautiful day to travel up to the north and it is made easy and convenient by NLEX. Okay, let me clear, I can't tell you every directions going to Baguio. I am the sleeper type when it comes to long ride/travel (so just wake me up, when we get there!). If I am not mistaken, when we first went to Baguio, the first thing I remembered was "it was a looong ride". Literally, it will burn your as* sitting, and you are lightheaded cause of sleeping all day long. It wasn't that pleasant experience traveling for long hours although the mountain view and nature's view along the way gets it a little better but still most of the time, you are killing time (if you know what I mean). On the other side, as I have said earlier, traveling going to Baguio was made better by NLEX and other "EX ending thing", whatever they called it. Travel hours became shorter. It took us 5-5 1/2 hours from Alabang to Baguio, with two (2) stop overs 15-30mins/each stop over. It was indeed a great day. We leave Alabang at around 5 am and we arrived at Baguio City at around 10:30 am. When we arrived, we have time to rest a while and enjoy the whole afternoon exploring Baguio City. Hooray! Let's tour around.

Burnham Park

First stop, Burnham Park. You can't miss this park because it is located at the heart of Baguio and was named after an American architect David Hudson Burnham, who said to made the design of the original plan for Baguio City. Strolling around the park, you could do so much like biking, boating, picnicking and many other leisure activities. But of course,  the trees and flowers are my main attraction. Just walking around the park, feeling the cold winds and seeing the beauty of nature satisfies me.

If your feet are already tired of walking, get your partner and ride a bike. Wink!

Boating in this man-made lake and chill for a while is another option. Make sure your muscles are ready for the paddling or else you need to hire a boatman instead.

You will definitely fell in-love with all the different flowers around. A lot of these are for sale. I'm just not sure if it will bloom as beautifully as they are in Baguio (if you will bring it in your hometown). Since, the Panagbenga (flower festival) month has started this February, all flowers are landscape perfectly. 

The Mansion

Another popular tourist attraction in Baguio, the Mansion. It is the official residence of the President of the Philippines whenever he/she is in the summer capital. I wonder what is like to be inside the Mansion? :)

The popular shot we always get when we are at The Mansion.

Just for a change, I'll take a picture facing The Mansion and getting these big gates as a background. The glare of the sunlight though.
The Wright Park

Oh, from one park to another park. I'm loving the scenic parks in Baguio. Just in front of The Mansion, on the other side of the road, here lies the Wright Park, which was named after an architect Governor Luke E. Wright, that serves as a recreational facility for the Americans way back.

Perfect for walking, jogging, and running around. They also have pretty sunflowers here too. If I will live here, I could walk and chill here all day breathing in the fresh air from the trees around.

There are full of photo perfect spots here so make sure you brought with you your beloved camera. I also thought that parks are great for "ME" time/ "finding yourself" thing they called. In other terms, good for "muni-muni".

On the farther side of the park, there you will see the Horseback riding areas. You have to pass the "i didn't count how many steps stairway" and there you are. Make sure to watch your steps going down and be extra careful. You will need that legs if you want to ride a horse. Hiyaa!

I am an animal lover but I didn't expect my scared reaction seeing a lot of horses around me. Maybe I wasn't just ready hearing loud noises and be around these tall and mighty creatures. Don't get me wrong, I am fine with the pony. Even if I really want to hug them (the horses), I was hesitant thinking that they will kick me out on the side. Toinks! 

At the end of the day, I didn't ride a horse. And this is me and my "a little scared face" and the nearest distance I could take photo with the horse. I can do it better next time, I think.

Here is the Part 1 of the Baguio experience. Another one on the next post.  Even if I walk all day roaming around the city, my sore feet doesn't justify the beauty of Baguio City. See you around on my next blog post.

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee 

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  1. Long rides can be annoying, I've been there, but when you reach your destination it's all worth it. I love parks and those look so beautiful and relaxing. I have never been on horse but I would definitely go for a boat ride.

  2. Baguio City is so gorgeous! I am in love with the colors on those flowers. I think that I wouldn't want to ride one of those horses either. I would be scared that they'd kick. It's still interesting to look at them all together though!

  3. Husband loves Baguio thus if we have the money and time, we spend some days there. There are a number of places worth the visit from parks to museums, cafes to bakeshops, churches and even other hotels. Bet your Baguio trip was fun.

  4. The beauty of Baguio never fades. Burnham Park is my favorite spot. If the trip from Manila will be shorter, I am sure the number of visitors will easily get double.

  5. I was here last February for Panagbenga and I really had a blast! It was my first Baguio trip and also my first time to travel solo and I wouldn't mind doing it again. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to visit the Burnham Park and Camp John Hay...I'm sure you had a great time too!

  6. I've been to Baguio for a number of times already but I never get tired of going back. It just gives that adventurous feel. Your captures are really great and awesome and they spell out adventure! :)

    Mariaisquixotic ||

  7. I love all of the flowers that were there. I bet it smelled amazing! I have never been but just seeing the beautiful landscape and some fun things to do like the mansion makes it seem like a fun place to visit. I think Burnham Park would be a great place to visit, too!

  8. It's been awhile since I went to Baguio! I really want to bring my son there someday. He'd definitely enjoy the change in scenery :)

    Nina |

  9. The last time I went to Baguio was when I was a kid. I hope to visit soon with my son. I'm sure he'll enjoy the change in scenery :)

    Nina |

  10. Been in Baguio so many times but nothing changed! I love how it used to be even though I sometimes asked for the old Baguio ambiance, still the weather there is the best! My favorite activity in Baguio is Tree Top. Did you try it?

  11. I miss Baguio!!! My husband and I were actually talking about going there one of these days coz he's never been there. I went a few years ago during the Panagbenga Festival and it was fun! I also attended a wedding at Camp John Hay. Great place and the cold weather is nice too!

  12. Weeee. This post makes me miss Baguio! How I love the food and the fresh air. It's always been a custom of me to go to baguio at least once a year and each time I visit, baguio still left me in awe. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! :)

  13. It's really time for another trip to Baguio! So much to visit and see. I'd love to see the Panagbenga Festival.