CatLovers: Sunbathing is better than taking a bath

Monday, March 07, 2016

Dearest CATLovers,

It's the third month of the year and we are down to the last month of the quarter. Truly, time flies fast so as my cats are just as looking cuter as always everyday. I've been longing and thinking for a cat post since January and I can't make any sense on what to share to you more than just what they did last Christmas: climbing up Xmas trees. Summer break is fast approaching and the sun is getting hotter. I knew that cats lived in a country with warm weather like here in the Philippines is so lucky because they can enjoy outdoors most of the time. The "its getting hot in here" vibe is what my 'sleeping heroes' are looking forward. Hello, Mr. Sunny and hi! kitty under the sun. We can't deny that water dissolves under the sunshine so now, I therefore conclude why they love sun and hate water or should I say sunbathing is better than taking a bath. Lol!

Oh yeah, I feel good. Meow, meow! They are definitely ready for summer. Hey kitty, did you wear your sunscreen today? No need. :)

They are livelier and happier in their "alone" time outdoors as long as there is Mr. sun.  We say "beach are perfect for summer" cat says, summer on the grass fields,  backyard and over the roof are great places to spend a summer vacation. 

It isn't also a bad idea to invite a friend and enjoy the sun together. The more, the merrier? No, I don't think so. Toinks!

So, do our cats really needs the sun? I googled it and this is what they say. Cats from their origins are predators in the desert so in that note, they have high tolerance under the heat. However, not all of this cute creatures are fond of the warm temperature, only those short-haired, long-bodied but not those with the longer fur. Why is this so? To short-haired cats, the warm helps them conserve energy that they need while long fur cuties that adapts to cold climate can keep the heat in.

While it is not necessary to be under the sun, warm places like for example at the back of computer monitor, television or refrigerator can also be a place to stay warm. Well, they also have the best option just to stay in our arms or even beside us to stay warm and comfortable.

Whether under the sun or not, no one can stop them from doing what they want. I strongly agree. Stay free and lovely just like our cats.

Lastly, on a main cat view, it is better to stay outdoors enjoying the sunny weather than inside our home with mommy in there holding my cat towel and shampoo getting ready for our next bath. Meowr!

Here's a sneaky move by our cat Juan when he tries to escape the impending bath. Hey cutie, come down here!

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee

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  1. Your cats are so cute. The black one at the beginning is so funny with a derp look Haha. I believe the sun is good for them, but as you said, let them be free. The best for cats is to have a place where they can go outside free and come back when they want, or at least a balcony if we are in a flat. So they go sunbath when they feel like it. But as cats, and dogs, have been domesticated since a long time now, their genes changed from the beginning and their needs are no longer the same as thousands years ago. I don't know much in general about cats tho. I'm more a dog person. So I don't know for cats, but actually it's not a good idea to bath regularly a dog. They have a natural protection in the fur, that if bathed, it goes away and needs to come back. And as it comes back, it's not balanced anymore and the more you bath your dog, the more it will smell bad in the end. Only needed if he's really dirty like after the beach or some bath mud Haha

    1. Thanks for your tips in bathing a dog. As for the cats, As you know they also are not bath regularly because it will be a big struggle for me and them. If you know what I mean. Haha!

  2. I think cats much like dogs need to be outdoors too and stay under the sun for a while, much like humans need to. It is healthy and certainly, for pets, it's a time to play outdoors, run, pee, poop, whatever that pleases them, just as long as they do not get ran over... plus there's the matter of picking up after them too. :)

  3. They look so happy! It's great that they get to be outside and enjoy the sun. I can imagine they do. I really love the photo. You van see that they are anjoying the warmth. Love it.

  4. this makes me missed our orange cat. Haha. I am not into pets now but if ever I will get one, it would be cat. Like humans, they also need some natural health exposure like thru sunbathing. I can see in your photos that they enjoyed it. ;)

  5. Like I said in one of your earlier posts; it's making me feel like getting a cat:)
    They are so cute... I love how you've learned so much about them over time... ideally, every animal should be left outside for some time. Fresh air, sun, the world... so much to feel...

  6. You've got really lovely cats. Not that I don't like them, I just prefer dogs over cats. I don't know, maybe because we grew up with a dog and we never had any cats at home back then, well, no, we had, but they didn't stay long, either they leave or they migrate to other houses, haha. But yeah, I really think cats are lovely!

  7. I'd never thought about how cats can look forward to sunny weather too, just like us humans. Our cat likes to stay indoors. I often see it sleeping in the couch or on the bathroom mat (it probably wants the cold?) or just running around. :) Maybe it really depends on the type of cat as you say and their personality - I'm assuming cats have personalities too, aside from them all being generally haughty and proud.

  8. Good to know about this. I am not a cat person but I do see a lot of strays around our neighbourhood. And boy, do they love sunbathing!

  9. Awww , how sweet ! I really enjoyed reading your post , I am animal mad and love cats ! I have got lots of crazy cat mums amongst my FB friends list , will share your post . They will love it !

  10. Your cats looks adorable. Yes, cats with short hair can really stay under the sun or a warm place. If I wasn't living in a tropical country, I would like to have a long-haired cat. The problem is that they will need to be in an air-conditioned room all the time and that will be costly for me :)) -Me-An of

  11. Your cats are so cute. Sometimes I wonder how good the balancing skills of cats because they can go up to our roofs easily. But I hope we'll not letbthem under the sun too long. I still think extreme heat can harm them.

  12. Wow. You're one of the few (I think) that prefers cats over other pets. hehe. I myself though prefer dogs over cats. But whatever, both these creatures are cute. Looking at your photos makes me want to own a pet too! haha!