Belo Baby Cologne: Sweet Snuggle

Friday, May 13, 2016

Belo Baby Cologne

Belo Baby Cologne
Scent: Sweet Snuggle (also available in Cool Drizzle and Happy Tickle)
Net wt: 100ml
Cost: 79.75 pesos

Available at: All leading supermarkets, department stores, groceries, and drugstores nationwide; online: Lazada, Zalora, and Cudsly

Hey girl!

Recently, I posted about the newest Belo Baby line that is made for the needs of babies and the whole family. In line with this, Belo Baby also launched a set of baby colognes in 3 varieties: Sweet Snuggle, Cool Drizzle and Happy Tickle. It is always refreshing to use cologne in a daily basis. We love baby colognes. The no harsh lively scent kick-start my day. Just like any baby colognes, this cologne is not only gentle but also has a relaxing scent.

It is guaranteed hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested that is perfect for all skin types. It is affordable at 79.75 pesos in a 100 ml bottle. When I received it, it is a bigger bottle than what I expected. I was deceived, it really looked small on pictures. By the way, it is in a lightweight, plastic tube. Even if I haven't start opening the tube, I can smell right away the floral scent of the cologne that I got. Spell F-R-E-S-H!

I got the Sweet Snuggle which I expected to have a sweet and lovely scent. Indeed, it has that smell. At first, you might think the scent is a bit overpowering but after less than a minute, it dissolves in an aromatic scent. Since it is originally crafted for babies, it is less irritating and very gentle on skin. It is absolutely free of parabens, phthalates and coloring agents. I am pretty sure the other 2 variants is as good as what I got. Also, it can be used as a sanitizer. Yay!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. I prefer baby colognes over perfume, They smell fresher, cheaper and the guilt of having to repetitively apply every now and then is not that big since its cheaper compared to perfumes. I have a feeling that the introduction of Belo and Kho's daughter was such an obvious coincidence with the release of this baby perfume line. Nonetheless, I'll be checking out their scents as well.

  2. This Belo baby line is new, right? I have heard about this a lot on my newsfeed and glad I was able to able to stumble upon a blog that reviews about one of the products they have. I am considering the brand for my friend since she'll be having her first baby. I find it awesome knowing that the value of the product doesn't cost that much too! I'll surely take a look at the market about its other products so that I can inform my friend about it too.

  3. I never heard of baby colognes before, however I did see perfumes for children. From your description it looks like this product is very child friendly and adults can use it too.

  4. How interesting to try a baby cologne! I had never thought of that. It does seem like it would be a good idea for a gentle scent. Also, babies tend to smell good.

  5. great review! I going to buy this product. It looks like really nice product and something I can definitely see myself using.