Blogapalooza Horizons 2016: Charing the Uncharted Experience

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hey girl!

Finally, I will be posting my first Blogapalooza experience. There is always a first time and this one is mine. I've been hearing a lot about Blogapalooza since it started and lastly on its fifth year, I am able to join the biggest business to blogger event. Besides of what I saw on past year's posts of a lot of bloggers, I have no idea, what it will be like. My questions on my mind are: How will I connect? Will I recognize any blogger behind their blogs that I used to read? Will I be intimidated by the brands? Will I meet a blogger on the same genre? And a lot of questions started to make me nervous at the same time. It is like meeting a long time friend you haven't seen before. Now, I have a better idea on what to do and what to expect on my next Blogapalooza event.

Since I am a newbie on this, I am one of the early birds on the venue. Luckily, I was accompanied by my love the whole afternoon. He knew that it will be my first time to attend any blogging event. Good thing, he was there for me because it is really best to go with a buddy in this kind of event (may it be a blogger or non-blogger friend). By the way, the event was held at Centris, Elements Prosperity Hall in Quezon Avenue. I try my best to bring up my best mood and wear my graceful smile throughout the day. I was there at exactly 10:00 am. I have spotted few bloggers that I didn't recognized. 

The stage is all set. I am so ready!
I was worried when I came early because I was one of the few bloggers who are already there and the booths are almost unoccupied. Because it was my first time, I was struggling on what to do first. Then, I finally decided to check on the booths one by one. Actually, I wasn't overwhelmed when I got to the venue since it is not too big. I can almost count from where I was standing the more or less than 20 booths on the event. It is a positive side for me since I am a first timer here. So, I set forth my confidence and started checking on the booths.

1. The Blue Water Day Spa

I stood in front of their booth trying to find out what's up with their booth. Before the event, I've seen a lot of celebrities supporting the Blue Water Day Spa and I was expecting to see one local celeb on their booth but I haven't. In the middle of the event, Christian Bautista and Wyn wyn Marquez came to promote the spa. I didn't have a chance to take a picture with the two celebs since the talk was ongoing while they were there. On the other hand, If you notice they have a challenge over there which wasn't introduce to me when I first came to there booth. I think I've seen a video of one of the blogger transferring  those peanuts to the other cup using the chopstick. And the price for the win? A free massage. They have a free massage on going in the middle of the event. They are presently promoting "the twin touch", a traditional four hand bali massage.

2. Hotteok King

I registered to their list too and then I ask what is with the cute little ducks for on their booth. He said, they have a game and if I wanted to try. The game was to shoot a hoop on one of that ducks in 3 trials. I missed it 3 times so I didn't win. Well, I don't know what will I get either if I shoot one of it. All I knew was this Hotteok King served a free rice topping meal and drinks in the event. If I was not mistaken, it was Korean Ham Bokkumbap and Kas Bokkumbsp (chicken). They were both good and the price were not that expensive either. They also have pancakes. It was an affordably good korean snack. 

They start serving around 11am. The guys in the booth were very courteous.

3. Gold Stack

Oh, I love potato chips. Finally, I got to try Gold Stack. It is a honey butter flavored potato chips that was a big hit in Asia and was now invading the Philippines. As you can see in the photo, they have a game to blow down all 6 empty canisters of Gold Stack in a specified amount of time using the manually pumped balloon. At the end, I lost but I actually enjoyed the game. I might gonna hunt one on the market.

4. Tag Cash

The lady in the booth told me that they were the ones that provided the super sturdy tag of the bloggers inside the event. Tagcash is an online payment and rewards website. It handles online transactions, online wallets, online communities and membership along with loyalty points. They are also offering tagbands which is very interesting. It is a bracelet with embedded technology to it that is linked to your personal account. On their booth, they have a game of Tagcash slot machine where you will just click to play and you have to match 3 similar photos to win. They will give you 2 attempts. Both of my attempts were a failure. Glad to know more about their brand.

5. Cocio

Just parallel to the stage, one of the event's official brand partner was Cocio. Even if it was as early as 10 am, the booth was filled with bloggers. I was too curious of what wass going on until I found out that they were having a photoshoot on their booth. I signed up immediately and lined up to have my photo taken too. 

What happened was: They will give you an allotted time to create your unique design that will serve as a background on your photo-op. Every blogger has their style, I made mine simply comfortable for a flat lay shoot. I put a lot of throw pillows and  a little designs on the side. Each blogger has a 3 shots maximum and you will only choose 1 shot to be publish at the Facebook page of Cocio. At the end of the shoot, I got one bottle of classic chocolate milk from Cocio. It was a divine milk chocolatey drink. May it be warm or cold, the pure chocolate milk stood out. Can't get enough of it.

6. Arla

Next to Cocio was another well-decorated booth which was Arla's. They served bread and yummy drinks. I only tried their milk shake and it has a refined milk taste. Arla was known for their dairy products like cheese and milk. I wasn't also able to grab their sample product but I hope I find it in the market to be able to try their other variants. I heard their cream cheese was very good.

7. Hey Kuya!

Hey Kuya, I am Princess Mikee. Can you also cover Laguna area? Haha. I was too interested with Hey Kuya because I've seen so much in social media how this brand helped people in doing some errands for them. I thought at first Hey Kuya was only one specific person doing the whole job. (that would be tough!) But of course, he's not. They have partners all over Metro to satisfy every customer's requests. As of the moment, they covered Metro Manila areas only.

8. Alfox Printing / SpeedyCards.Ph

SpeedyCards.Ph together with Alfox Printing provides service like making and printing business cards for bloggers and business-alike. Upon signing up to their booth, I got a privilege message of having my first 100 standard business cards printed for free. Their site has easy customized design for making business cards. I hope to get them soon and blog about it.

They also have a test your speed puzzle game at their booth. Unfortunately, I am too slow and didn't finish it on time. In short, I lost the game. Haha! The people in the booth were very accommodating.

9. Vita Coco

Rested for a while, to get some refreshing unlimited coco water from Vita Coco. By the way, it is best to drink when cold.

10. ChemWorld Fragrance Factory

A well-designed perfume refilling station station. I regret of not trying all the available scents. They are one stop shop for perfumery supplies. I won a very cute hand sanitizer encased in a mouse in their spin the wheel. Success story, indeed!

11. Skin Station

The very generous Skin Station gave me 5 coupons for free diamond peel in every facial.  I also won a blushing beauty lick my lips color changing lip balm for joining their laser challenge game. They are giving away coupons of painless diode laser hair removal for underarms for those who finished their laser game perfectly. An innovated skin consultation machine is also available on their booth. I haven't tried it though. 

12. Victoria Court

#theVCexperience when I tried their puzzle challenge. This time around I finished on time and get a privileged pink card and 500 pesos worth of GC. Woah!

13. Empire East Condo

I haven't had a chance to talk more about what this condominium has to offer but one of the beautiful lady on their booth invited me for a photo-op. I saw that they also have a game which I haven't tried too.

14. Rappler

The rappler booth sells statement shirts and jackets.

15. Happy Fresh

The happy fresh has trained personal shopper that helped consumers in delivering the ordered goods in your doorstep. In their booth, they are requiring to sign up and install their app. Unfortunately, the app wasn't compatible to my device. The cute mascot of happy fresh also came and grab attention.

16. Etobee

They are delivery service application for easy pick up and deliver of packages through smartphones wherever and whenever. I have a nice time talking to the people in their booth. They also have a game where you have to shoot a pingpong balls on cups. I got 3 balls shoot on the cups hence, I won a mug and fan from Etobee.

17. MegaWatt

A newly opened pizza parlor located at Quezon City. They are tied up with Hey Kuya if you want a hassle free pizza delivery from them. They also offers chicken, burrito, burger and pasta. They are giving away free trials of their pizza in their booth. Yum!

18. Regroe

While on the Regroe booth, they are having a free hair and scalp consultations. They also have raffle coupons for those who will like their FB page and post an instagram photo #regroexblogapalooza on their booth. I got 3 coupons but I was not there during the announcement of wiiners because I already left before 5pm.

19. World Vision

I don't know but I can't find on my album the booth photos of World Vision. Instead, I will just post this one photo. She is a representative from World Vision and she gave a testimonials how children from World Vision changed lives through the help of sponsoring and donating. She also presents some inspiring stories. To learn more about it, here is their site:

Beside all the generous booths, another highlight of the event was the talks of some highly respected personalities in their fields. They are also appearances of some local celebrities to name a few are Mikael Daez, Lloyd Cadena, Wyn wyn Marquez, Christian Bautista, Erika Padilla and many more. Mind masters also came to entertain and amaze us with their witty mind tricks.

It was a fun, fulfilling day for me since it was my first time. I will try my best to connect more with other bloggers next time and start an interesting talk with the brands. I have learned so much from the speakers and was inspired by my co-bloggers. I also gained confidence to present myself to businesses and brands. Overall, it was a success! We might have bumped to each other this Blogapalooza event but next time, can we introduce and talk more about each other's blog? :) 

P.S. I almost forgot to raise my concern. Even if there is a WiFi provided in the event, I can't still connect my device to it. Why is that so? I have the right wifi key though. It leads me to conclusion that it is really a must to bring your own portable wifi or secured an internet connection.

I will not post all the freebies that I got from the event. You should go next time and find out yourself. Moreover, see you in next Blogapalooza!

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. I think I just figured out what my take on the event is. After reading a few posts of other bloggers regarding this event, it is the company of bloggers and meeting new people that makes Blogapalloza 2017 on my TTD. I am not a product endorser so I really have no interest in checking out the companies though.

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! I was supposed to go too but I had a conflict bec I had an exam that day and the location is quite far. :(

  3. I am always nervous at new events when I am not sure how they work. I think this one looked successful and you were able to meet with a lot of new brands and you got a lot of cool things! Can't beat the swag!

  4. Thank you for the gentleman for accompanying you the whole day. Having someone to talk with or at lease sit beside with is reassuring enough being among strangers.

  5. That all looks like so much fun! I have never been to a blogapalooza. It seems like it would be enjoyable to try the different brands. I think I would especially enjoy the potato chips and the Korean food. I like bibimbap very much!

  6. Wow. I wish that I can attend such event even just in Cebu but unfortunately, I dont get invites. hahaha maybe next time though. I wish I could be there on the next Blogapalooza.

  7. Looked like you had a good first time! It's the 2nd time now that I signed up but was not able to attend :( I heard that they might have another one late this year, hoping I can finally go and meet you there :)

  8. Looks like you had a great time! Too bad I missed Blogapalooza again this year :( it must be a great opportunity for bloggers and for businesses too! Hope they can make this a more than year event like maybe twice a year??? Hehe. That would be awesome :D

  9. This is a pretty extensive post, you basically covered all the sponsors, sulit yung advertising expense nila sayo. Events like this are meant to connect you, publisher/blogger, to the brands. Hopefully, to collaborate for any upcoming campaigns.

    That is when things can get either messy or delightful.

  10. From what I have read about the event, it was a good way to meet other bloggers. Being a non-commercial blogger, I would have not really paid attention to the sponsors, but if there were experienced bloggers sharing tips and their journey, I would definitely listen.

  11. This is a great experience especially for commercial bloggers. This is also a great way to build connections and people that can inspire you to work harder on your blog. One should take advantage of meeting as many people as possible, especially the popular or expert bloggers who attended the event to get a few tips and tricks.

  12. What I love about these events is to meet other bloggers. I would love to get to know each other. Hearing tips from them is always good as well!

  13. I missed the event once again... It seems like this is such a great event for bloggers.. with all that great products to try on, games to play with and items to won, I'm sure you guys really had a blast.
    I have heard that there will be another Blogapalooza event this November i think.. hopefully I can make it that time

  14. just discover this site from somewhere. great sharing story & experiences. i will recommend this site to my friends out there.