4x Whitening System:Gluta-C Glutathione and Vitamin C with Kojic Plus

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gluta-C Glutathione and Vitamin C with Kojic Plus

Face and Body Soap
Cost:  PHP59.75 (approx.$1.2)
Net wt: 60g

Body Lotion
Cost: PHP219.75 (approx.$4.7)
Net wt: 150ml

Face and Body Powder
Cost: PHP74.75 (approx.$1.6)
Net wt: 40g

Available at: SM Supermarkets and Watsons stores

Hey girl!

How's you weekend so far? I am back from a very tiring but fulfilling weeks. Today, I made sure to back track some new products that have been on my trial list these past weeks. Gluta-C have a new and much improved whitening products out for grab. Introducing the 4x whitening system that has the action of Glutatione, Vitamic C, Kojic Acid and Azelaoyl Diglycinate all in one product. It helps us achieve whitening in 4 different angles  and ensure greater whitening results. It is another exciting holistic skin whitening regimen coming our way. Let's look closely at the products.

Gluta-C Glutathione and Vitamin C with Kojic Plus Face and Body Soap

I have tried products that has formulation of a combination of whitening properties and it works wonders. How about 4 active ingredients in one soap? I can't complain no more. Beside the 4x whitening, this soap has 3x more anti-oxidants that helps reduce toxins, deeply cleanses the face and body and has anti acne. Since I have a soap specific for my face, I only use this on my body. I noticed that it is not stingy on the skin and not drying at all (well, I am using their lotion together with this product, it is recommended). It gently exfoliates the skin for a clearer and whiter skin.

Gluta-C Glutathione and Vitamin C with Kojic Plus Body Lotion

As I have said, I used this together with the soap for better whitening results. It is a good lotion not only in whitening the skin but also it protects the skin with its SPF 30. It is good enough for the daily sun protection (not to mention the PA which I don't know if it has). It moisturizes the skin keeping it soft and smooth all day.

Gluta-C Glutathione and Vitamin C with Kojic Plus Face and Body Powder

This is my favorite of them all. Finally, a whitening powder for the face and body not your ordinary powder in the market. There is so much reason to love this product. It controls oil, anti-acne, and whitens all in one. It has the essentials of a great face powder. It is in loose powder that has  matte finish on application. Easy to use and apply. Did I mention that it has sunscreen too? Yes, it has. 

I am too excited for this new products from Gluta-C. I can't wait to share if it is worth to try in achieving a whiter and clearer skin. The 4x whitening is just superb. Let's see. I will be posting my full review of each product on the next days. Let's all have a beautiful weekend ahead, ladies! 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. Seemingly nice and effective products...somehow though, Vit C hasn't been my friend. I know how much it helps your skins' health and also gives it a glow. Nice review of the products...