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Monday, June 27, 2016

Dearest CATLovers,

I am deeply saddened for the loss of my kitty few weeks back. I also missed to share with you my cat posts. Being with my furr babies since they were born, my connection with them is inseparable. The cherished memories I once have with them are part of a treasure buried in my heart. Looking back at the photos I have with my (Uda), it enlightened me up how beautiful were the memories she left on me. The learnings that I will have forever.

A kitty just like a child, who wants to learn and explore all the possibilities. They are like a blank canvass waiting to be painted. They love to experience new things. They are carefree, curious and  full of energy. While I was scrolling all of my lovely kitty photos, it made me thought of making a walk-through of her adventures in life and relate it to life. Hence, this post: The kitty life.

1. The baby.

Hi, I am Uda. I am a kitty. Before I learned to open my eyes, I already lost my mum. It was supposed to be the saddest time of my life but, I didn't know how to react. I was lost and helpless. I don't have a choice but to move on with my life and live. All I know is that I needed milk to sustain my life. Since mum was gone, I learned to get some milk on a plastic tube. I don't know what it is called but it works wonders on me. It helped me quench my hunger everyday.

2. I learned to stick on my family.

As days passed by, I am getting used to my life. Eating and sleeping next to my family are my favorite.  I sometimes pee  and poop too without them noticing.

3. I can do things on my own now.

Now that I can walk a few steps ahead from where we sleep, I know that I am on a right path. I can see clearly the way ahead of me. But still, no one answers my questions. Oh, what will I be in the future? I am confused. 

4. Finally, I found a buddy to share my dreams.

At least, I have someone to talk to as of the moment. I have someone to compare with what I want to be. Someone who can play and sleep with me all day.

5. But, I also learned that a friend can still betray you.

I thought everything is perfect but I was wrong. Life isn't. There will be times that someone will doubt you. People come and go to your life. You just have to stick to believe in yourself when everybody didn't.

6. Finding myself.

I was trying to believe that I can do everything. Now, I am into finding my real purpose. I need to know myself first.

7. Learn to selfie.

Trying to explore my greatest potential, I learn to depend and trust myself. I became confident in what I do and do my best to make things happen.

8. I am stronger now.

I can now jump higher and run faster. I can climb on trees but still trying to learn how to go down after. I am doing good so far.

9. Facing my fears.

I caught my first insect. It was an achievement for me. I brought to the bed of my beloved owner to surprise her. I wasn't expecting she literally jump out of bed to surprise. I will definitely be doing it again. I'm sure she will be happier. I will try to catch a bigger insect next time.

10. Conquering the battles alone.

Today, I stand alone, live my own and doing my things alone. It was not as easy as I thought it will be. But, I am fine. Yeah, I hope I will be fine.

11. The challenge of life.

I realized that it is hard to stand by yourself without anyone else on your back. Sometimes, I can. Sometimes, I can't. It is not always a win-win situation. I need to be ready to fall most of the time and learn from it. I'll keep moving forward. By the way, my ears and eyes are getting bigger now.

12. They thought I am brave enough.

Although, I do my best not peeing in the living room. I can't help it. The ambiance was so peaceful and relaxing  to take a moment of silence.  The people around me doesn't care that much about me anymore unlike before. They thought I can now all do it on my own. I know that I still have a lot to learn. I hope to know them soon.


13. What I really need.

Then, I realized that I am a kitty not yet a cat. I need to play and enjoy life.


I have to sleep often. Dream more and worry less. No need to stress myself.

I have to take advantage of my cuteness. I am adorable than anyone else.


15. I am a kitty.

I am just a kitty. I play, I learn, I sleep, I jump, I climb and doesn't have to worry. I need a family. I need support. I need love. I am fragile. I am a kitty.

Till we meet again!

Let's talk more about CATS on my next blog
"Cute,Curious,Charming Creatures"

Princess Mikee

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  1. WOW! Excellent post and I love how at some parts you were able to use kitty to share lessons in life. I had fun reading this post and this is really a great idea. I am so sure you had to put a lot of thought in coming up with this post. Again, I love the lessons you imparted.

  2. I can understand your loss. They are our babies. I lost my pet in February and ut actually emotionally shattered me. Great post . hope she rest in peace. I am very sorry fir your loss

  3. So sorry to hear you lost your Kitty. Must be really hard. This post is really wonderful. I love the pictures. The Kitty is very very cute. And you're good at making pictures of the kitty. I love number 3. So cute.

  4. Before I got pregnant, we used to have kitties as well. We named them alphabetically. Angel was our first cat for letter A. And the late one was None for letter N. After N, we didnt adopt cats anymore as I was pregnant then. We gave them to some kind souls who also love cats.

  5. Your cat is adorable :) I used to take care of my boyfriend's cat. Like yours we were the ones who give him milk, he was weak when we found him on the road alone. Hope see more of you soon baby cat :)

  6. I am sorry about your loss... I know it has left a hole in your heart :(
    I do hope you find another cat really soon; though it'll not fill the void, but still :)

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. I am a cat person myself and I have lost a few kittens due to some nasty viruses. It was so sad :(

  8. Cute little kitty! I hope s/he grow up into one fine feline. I have soft spot for kittens too, but I didn't have the patience to nurture a little one.

  9. How bad, I'm afraid of cats. 😞

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing your pet is the same as losing a member of the family. Never lose the heart to take care of another kitten. <3

  11. The kitty is deeper than me when it comes to life T_T Im sorry for your lost. It must be tough to have lost someone that significant in our lives. This beautiful, I want to cry now

  12. I'm a huge kitty lover and people don't know that because they didn't know that I adopted and cared for a kitty. But when they're gone, I stopped taking care of animals. I just felt so bad then. I understand how you feel. I hope I can take care of other animals soon just like your kitty and my previous cats.

  13. I remember we went to a cat cafe in Seoul, Korea. I'm not really into pets, but I find the cats really cute creatures!

  14. Aww. Why does even beautiful creatures like him need to leave? I don't own a cat but I always find them adorable. But don't worry it seems he had a wonderful life.

  15. Cute kitty! It's nice that your kitty story can also explain the stages we experience in our lives.

  16. I am more of a dog person since I had a not-so-good experience with one of our pet cats when I was younger, but these sure are soooo adorable! My son are so fond of cats and he would love to have one of these at home!

  17. cutie little furr . I also have a friend who is into cats and her cat is so clingy same as her(my friend). wish you can find a new baby furr

  18. Oh, so sorry for your loss!! This is such an emotional read! Cute little kitty!!!

  19. cute kitten. Your post reminded me that I have been living like a kitten hehehe. I really enjoyed your post.

  20. I'm deeply sorry for your loss. This is a really nice post. I can still remember our first pet cat. I found her at the street while I was playing. I carry her and play with her. She was still a little kitten back then. I told my parents about that cat when I went home and the next morning, I woke up having her in our house. I was soooo happy! We took care of her until she grew up but sad things happen. We can't have them all forever, just like humans, then leave. But I am happy to be able to learn a lot of lessons from our pets, including dogs of course.

  21. I think I find it amazing how you helped and supproted the cat. Youre a great and loving owner.

  22. They're all cute, I love kitten's as well, I have my own pet cat when I was in my elementary years, but my cat died, it was super painful, so I decided nor to have pets anymore.

  23. Im so sorry to hear that. You must really love your pet. I'm not a cat person but if I am, I would definitely do this too. Reading this makes me see how good and loving you are to this kitty. :(

  24. So sorry for your loss. Good thing that you have all her pictures to remind you the cuteness that she brought to your life.

  25. Hi! I'm also a cat lover. I have a kitty kitten born this week! Sad to say, she died yesterday. I feel what you feel now. Huhu