Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Zenutrients Nourishing Olive Face Cream
Full size: 100g / Sample size: 50g
Cost: 260.00 pesos (approx $5.5)

Hey girl!

I didn't expect I would love this product when I first opened it. The aroma was so refreshing. If I didn’t have an oily face, I would put more of this cream on my face. It was an olive face cream that nourishes very dry skin. This is real good if you have one. It instantly gives a boost of moisture in every application. As for me, I only put an ample amount of cream for the whole face that would be enough. I used it every other day since I also have other face cream I used on my face. But if I want to feel good and relax, this cream was my cure. A small amount all over my face keeps me moisturized at the same time the refreshing aroma gives me the relaxation. It was like a spa experience for me. It helps me sleep tightly at night. Yes!

I also don't have to worry because it was all organic. No more major guilt of the harsh side effects of chemicals from many other facial moisturizer's formulation. The sample size will lasts me long since I only needed a small amount every use and that means a longer fascination of this comforting olive face cream. Oh,  did I mention it has coconut oil too? Olive + Coconut = Increased in moisture. It was undeniably for dry skin.

The consistency wasn't also too thick but just the right thickness not to be sticky and heavy on the face. Once you applied it on face, you will have an instant well-moisturized face. Well, I think the color green cream was also fun to put on the face. My mind tells me it was avocado. You'll know it was real organic on your face. It was really encouraging to use. 

Overall Experience. As I have said on my very first sentence, I didn't believe this product was for me but I certainly loved it. The pea-sized amount of this cream on my face was heaven sent for me. It gave my face an instant moisture. With the right amount of product, I think this cream was good for everybody. If you are into all natural and organic product plus you have a very dry skin, this moisturizer was perfect for you. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Princess Mikee

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