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Friday, August 12, 2016

Whisper Skin Love Day/Night Pack 8s (28cm)
Cost: 69.00 pesos (approx $1.5)

Olay Skin Whitening Bar Rose and Milk
Full size: 60g / 90g
Cost: 34.00 pesos (approx $0.7) / 46.00 pesos (approx $1)

Belo Baby Cologne (Sweet Snuggle)
Full size: 100ml
Cost: 79.75 pesos (approx $1.7)

Hey girl!

Does the rainy weather makes you even more hassle? Or did it kept you relaxed and comfortable in your staycation at home? Whether you are struggling to cope up with the weather or keeping it safe in a laid back manner, it shouldn’t take away your confidence in facing your daily goals. Here are my pink squad essentials to help you in keeping you fresh, dry and clean during this season.

I knew how it feels to have red days on a wet season. It was definitely an extra-hassle for every woman. This monthly dilemma kept us unsecured and uncomfortable. It would be a big help to have a reliable pads to boost our confidence back. This Whisper Skin Love Day/Night guarantees a more comfortable and breathable experience so there will be no worries in every move. I was undeniably thin (more like a liner to me) but I was surprised it surpassed my red days because it has 3x more absorbency too. I can move easily feeling like no pad at all. Another thing, I helped that it was wide and long so I don’t have to worry to move all day and night long. 

It has Japan-designed air dry cushion top sheet to make sure it was gentle on skin and has good air flow. It kept the wetness down to the bottom of the pad locked by gel crystals to prevent back leaks. I am at ease during my period that I will be dry and confident using this pad.

Next on squad was this Belo Baby Sweet Snuggle cologne which has the floral scent that kept me fresh throughout the day. Aside from getting ready to get wet during this season, we should still maintain our freshness all day long. Wet and fresh! Isn’t it a good idea? Colognes were probably best for dry season but hey, it shouldn’t stop us from getting fresh all we want. I don’t know about you but, colognes are heaven sent for me. Those days when we were on our most comfortable pajamas looking at the raindrops on the windows while sipping your fave hot chocolate and smelling the oh-so lovely scent of cologne. Goodness!

Not just that, this cologne not only kept you so fresh but also oh-so clean because it can be used as sanitizer too. Woah, there’s so much good vibe.

Last but not the least, Olay Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk is our #OneWashWonder. Why is that so? It reveals our natural white by gently exfoliating dead skin cells in keeping our skin clean and fresh. My skin feels so smooth and soft every after bath. I can’t get enough of the divine scent of this soap. The natural rose and milk extract was perfectly combined. I am definitely in to long lasting freshness and gentleness of this soap.

These are my pink squad essentials in keeping my confidence up this rainy season. How about you what’s on your squad? Share them below.

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Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,

Princess Mikee

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