Volum' Express Hypercurl Mascara by Maybelline

Friday, February 10, 2017

Maybelline Hypercurl Volum' Express in Very Black
Cost: 199.00 pesos (approx $4.2)

Hey girl!

When you got a bright eyes, you should take it as an advantage. They say we can speak through our eyes and why not make someone obey with your pleasing eyes. Ha! That's kinda statement. One of my top 5 make-up essential is mascara. It is true that one should make the most of their asset. In my case, it is my eyes. It is easy for me to love any mascara that I own because they all compliment with my beautiful eyes. Lol! Kidding aside, well, ahem! I have such lovely, obedient lashes to start with and all I have to do is to swipe that mascara to make the magic happen.

The mascara that I am currently using was this Volum' Express Hypercurl by Maybelline. This product was on sale for sometime and I think they already have lowered its price for good from 249.00 to 199.00 pesos which is great because I could easily repurchase without hesitation. Going back to the mascara, the packaging was as precious as expected in a metallic black and pink tube. It is lightweight making it handy on every girl's 'kikay' kit. 

What I love in this mascara:

It is long-wearing. One application with 2-3 coats lasts me all day. I don't need to retouch and it is hassle-free for me. It claims to have curl-lock formula which contains sealing wax that lasts up to 24 hours. However, I can't testify to this since I already have naturally curled lashes to begin with, but I've seen that it keeps the lashes as it is after the application.

Waterproof. Even if I don't care much if it is or not, it helps in keeping it intact all day. It also makes it even harder to remove it when you actually intend to. Eye-make up remover will help if you don't want to have a panda eyes. Another thing, it is also non-irritating to the eyes. It is ophthalmologist-tested.

It adds volume. It wouldn't be called Volum' Express if it is not. It delivers. Yes. It gives volume to lashes without looking overdone. Plus, it also makes the lashes look longer by giving a swipe from root to tip. Naturally-beautiful, it is!

They say it is in the mascara wand too. The wand is slightly concave that fits well in the curvature of the eyes for easy application. Moreover, the formula doesn't clump the lashes and keeps it healthy. I remember one unbraded mascara that I use which also looks great when applied made some of my eyelashes fall. Too bad! Despite the volume it delivers, this mascara isn't that heavy when worn. For an even more tantalizing eyes, you can put some on the lower lashes too!



STEP 1: Start at the base of your lashes and slowly drag the wand upwards in a zig-zag motion.

STEP 2: Use the wand to comb out any clumps on your lash tips. (https://www.maybelline.com.ph)

Overall experience: It livens up the eyes in an instant. The added volume makes a real difference in keeping the eyes looking naturally lovely as ever. It is great for a daily make-up look. For its price, it was worth the purchase. 

Let's talk again on my next blog.
Yes, YOU lovely gorgeous.

Love yourself because you are beautiful.

Hugs and Kisses,
Princess Mikee

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  1. I use the same mascara and yes it does WONDERS! Sometimes, I'm quite lazy to wear falsies and this product just solves the problem. I also love that it is waterproof, long-wearing and of course, really affordable :)

  2. This is my current fave as well, I used it on my clients, it never fails me, maybelline is really offering good products with affordable price, and what I love is they have a lot of sale, hahaha

  3. This mascara is my all time fave! I kinda regret not buying it again when I finished off my first one, I like its natural long effect on my lashes. It can be use both in casual days and formal events. I'm waiting for Maybelline's sale again hehe!

  4. Maybelline mascaras never fail to impress me. I'm using the one with yellow packaging, but I'd love to try this one next! Good to hear they'd lowered their prices. Every tube is definitely worth buying! :)

  5. This is one of my all-time go-to mascara. I love the that is very long-wearing and delivers what it promises. I, however, spend a bit more time trying to remove it and I use olive oil or castor oil since it is waterproof. I find myself always reaching out for this mascara when I have to use one.

  6. I loveeee this mascara! I've been using this for yearsss. I especially love the price hehe, so cheap!